Xbox One: Cloud Gaming Limits Game Functions Based On Bandwidth?

Xbox One: Cloud Gaming Limits Game Functions Based On Bandwidth?

Xbox One cloud computing features limited by users’ broadband speeds, says Forza 5’s Dan Greenawalt Microsoft has been extolling the benefits of cloud usage …
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  1. Lol bye!!!!

  2. Microsoft: We have a new Halo … Sony: Oh sorry wasnt listening, were
    thinking of new exclusives instead of releasing the same one

  3. You suck.

  4. I like turtles opinion but its always against Xbox, both companies are all
    about making money, Sony can’t be do everything right can they?

  5. THE CLOUD!!! lol

  6. I have time warner roadrunner extreme 30-33 down and 5-8 up on any given
    day so I could give a fuck less who has slow Internet just so long as they
    stay offline and don’t lag other ppls shit up

  7. Er ok so you pay £428.95 and features that are built in you have to pay a
    sub for. Almost every feature is behind a pay wall. No full game streaming,
    no cross platform gaming and chat with 360 and pc. Requires adapter for 360
    headphones, has no bluetooth (still). It requires external cable Box to use
    it tv features and isn’t supported in many countries. It’s bloody MASSIVE!.
    Tell you what. Name me things xbone can do without xblGOLD?

  8. THE INFINITE POWER OF THE CLOUD. Lol Microsoft and their lies about the
    almighty cloud.

  9. The we have cloud storage. That came to ps+ before xblg got it. Instant
    game collection, xblg is trying to do the same (but comes nowhere near
    ps+). Psn has both p2p servers and dedicated, now xblg is getting dedicated
    servers. Psn offers cross play, cross save and cross buy xblg doesn’t offer
    this at all. Ps+ offers try before you buy. Xblg doesn’t offer this either.
    Ps3 has had a web browser for years but xblg got this only few years ago if
    that. Sorry but psn offers more than you realise.

  10. im starting to hate you lol

  11. New subscriber bro!!!!!!! :)

  12. Enjoy the cloud!!!! There’s no clouds!!!! Haha loved it

  13. its funny how every single xbox one videos have a ton of dislikes for no
    reason.. psfanboys?

  14. You know you need to pay on ps4 now? Welcome to reality

  15. Idiot! Why does he love Sony so much? They want your money just as much as
    MS. He say he loves the cloud and dismisses the fact MS have invested
    heavily to give people services they might actually want if they have or
    can afford broadband.

  16. great job Jack…love all your videos and info you provide to us

  17. Que pendejo

  18. I love it when jack says “the power of the cloud”

  19. Is it me or is all of his xbox one videos have misleading titles and is
    hating on it

  20. So does this dude just go out in his car on lunch breaks & makes videos?

  21. I think its funny how people think M$ is the only company who can impliment
    THE POWER OF THE CLOUD!! LOL Sony, Nintendo, Android, Apple they all can
    too but they are smart enough to realize cloud computing is just not here
    yet in full force, will be in the future when countries average bandwidth
    speeds increase quite a bit. Great for the rich to be able to see the BETA
    testing of this computing with their speeds on the Xbox One, but what about
    middle people, military, foreign countries, etc. smh

  22. FUNNY!!

  23. Ps4 wack ass jork off fanboy u haterr

  24. Dude you realize pretty much 95% of xbox users get gold right? That’s why
    they put everything behind a paywall. I always pay for live so I’m good
    their. Oh and what happened to PS fanboys like you calling the X1 a cable
    box? That’s right the ps4 became it.

  25. Xbox also has try before you buy, and the Internet browser on the console
    is not really a compelling feature. The other stuff is cool but cross game
    chat, friend lists, messaging etc. are much better

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