Xbox One Backwards Compatibility?!?! Return of the Cloud?

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility?!?! Return of the Cloud?

External HD Backwards Compatibility…
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  1. 700 subs!!!

  2. Stop worrying about ur intro ur intros r fine

  3. If backwards compatibility comes to Xbox one, that will be one more thing
    going for Xbox and I get to play Sonic Generations on X1. 

  4. Hey guys! Imagine Bf3! We missed out on the full game bros! I would totally
    play it on the xbox one!

  5. Good stuff.

  6. Like the video mate and I love the new intro

  7. I’m an xbox guy so the xbox one ftw was cool but I like this one alot

  8. I have two questions. Will the backward compatibility work with our
    currently owned 360 disks, or will it involve re-purchasing digital copies?
    Will the extra storage be compatible with normal USB drives, or a
    proprietary drive? For both questions the first answer would be great, and
    the second would be dawwgsheeit! I don’t expect you to have the answers,
    but I’ll judge whether this is good news or not when I hear more. Thanks
    for the video.

  9. The Return of the Cloud and does X1 have Backwards Compatibility?

  10. Nice vid!

  11. This is something Xbox needs, I’ve had too many ponies using the backwards
    compatibility thing and I just look at them like they’re idiots lol that’s
    GameStop for you

  12. Dose that mean my x360 will be no good? How meny x360 have red ringed on
    you 4 in 2 years at the start of its life for me.

  13. I preferred the xbox ftw intro

  14. Backwards compatibility? Would I have to start over on my games if this
    happened and I wanted to play on the one? I remember I got the very first
    360 white model (lasted 7 yrs) but then I got a slim in 2012 and I had to
    start all over, only things saved were achievements n avatar stuff. I guess
    it’s bcuz I only use console internal memory rather then a hard drive

  15. There was a article floating around about Chris aka Stonefoxmedia he works
    with Sony I hope somebody find that article and expose that fucking fraud

  16. that thumbnail

  17. More storage music to my ears, just hope you can store games, for some
    reason i feel that there’s no way that microsoft won’t make money on there
    own external hardrive’s. Would love for more info on this subject, thanks

  18. 10/10 as usual man.

  19. hope to see it by end of the year if not e3 next year
    backwards compatability at least
    external storage should, hopefully, come sooner as that is quite a desired
    thing currently

  20. I don’t support Chris he is a sell out just like these other youtubers
    Stonefoxmedia gets paid by Sony to bash other company’s on his channel he
    been doing it since this was before he monetize his videos now that he
    making double the money From Sony and from monetizing his videos he only
    her for the money I wish ppl wake up and stop supporting him

  21. hoping it wont be like playstation now where u have to pay, but they are a
    overall would love to play 360 games on the xbx1

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