Xbox One And The Mighty Cloud Power Is Real

Xbox One And The Mighty Cloud Power Is Real

Yesterday Microsoft showed off Cloud Computing by showing how a high end PC dropped to 2 frames per second during a destruction sequence, while the cloud pow…
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  1. I get a sneaky suspicion that mr crap gamer has been blocking people?
    normally you have more ponyism on your channel in the comments

  2. Good on microsoft for trying. If it works then amazing. If not? Then at
    least all the games are dedicated. All games online on xbox one are 90% of
    the time silky smooth. On 360 it was around 50% just random numbers. Just
    look at Killer instinct hailed as having the best netcode in a fighting
    game ever. Feels like im playing them in the same room its that good. Cloud
    is helping. Awesome that Microsoft went above and beyond. If only they used
    ddr5 ram. It would of been unstoppable from the get go.

  3. “Waiting to be impreshed” – Sean Connery

  4. It actually just illustrates the level of hate MS has to fight through. The
    cloud is just server side scripting, we have been using this method of data
    processing for years. MS has just decided to build a console around the

    This is a new way of approaching the use of the internet through consoles
    so I say give them time. There is nobody to copy off of. MS is blazing this
    trail so I say be extremely harsh with critics talking about how they want
    to see the tech in a working game. Forza5 and Titanfall are just the first
    baby steps in to something that will be important to gaming.

    This is why I tell people the X1 is an all around great product. We lived
    in a hyper active age that seems to move a lot faster than it really is but
    look at everything MS has accomplished an shown so far and it has only been
    out for 5 months. Just think about 2 years from now.

    The naysayers will be out in full effect I am sure but it doesn’t change

  5. Always knew xbox is the way to go. This is just the beginning of a new best
    nex gen console. 


  7. If they didn’t release the specs for the “high-end” rig running
    with/without ‘Da Cloud’ than ppl have reason to be suspect 

  8. This is all very impressive. My only gripe is what will happen to these
    games down the road? Will they still work if theres no net? I’ve got
    friends where they lose net if theres a big storm in their state. I can’t
    sell them on this if the games using these things cant run. 

  9. Snack em tubby 

  10. You’re fucking retarded if you think this is real. Devs will not use cloud
    computing in their games because they would be throwing out a big part of
    the market.
    Get a clue

  11. It’s cool but with Internet as crappy as it is, the outreach is still
    minimum. This technology won’t be mainstream until we fix our
    infrastructure. Hopefully we get Google fiber here in Florida soon. 

  12. Amazing how people can still see something with their own eyes and still
    deny it. 

  13. Good work CrapgamerReviews. Now I can finally rest in peace with all the
    Sony Ponies (different to Sony fans) saying it can’t be done =)

  14. Sunset Overdrive, Fable Legends?! Looks very likely.

  15. As all of us have said before…Sony Fan Boys REFUSE to Accept REALITY !!!

    I’m a fan of the PS4 and XB1 and I am very aware of the difference between
    them Both. But I will NOT LIE for Sony or Microsoft.

    The Cloud is REAL and the Military has been using this type of computing
    for over 20 YEARS; especially since the last 10 Years for Unmanned Air
    Vehicles for flight, intelligence gathering, and Munitions / Payload
    ordinance Strikes operated up to 900 Miles away.

    Fan Boys have NO CLUE about the power of Microsoft’s AZURE Online Cloud
    capabilities.., But they sure enjoy talking Smack…

  16. This cloud processing is really going to put the Xbox One far ahead of the
    PS4 once they get all the details ironed out. I never had any doubts about
    the Xbox One and its Software capabilities, and knew it would take some
    time, but I knew eventually when this Cloud stuff became a real thing it
    would really put us ahead of the game. The exclusives for the Xbox One are
    going to be very impressive, once developers learn to make full use of
    Microsoft’s software and cloud power, certainly more impressive than
    anything Sony can do. Its no longer just about raw hardware power, which is
    something Sony fans seem to not understand. You also have to account for
    the consoles Software capabilities, and Microsoft will beat Sony in the
    software game any day. 

  17. Microsoft going to kill e3

  18. its freaking Microsoft guys jeeeshh they always know how to do things.. of
    course they might screw up sometimes but thats how you can improve… you
    only learn to go right on bicycle when you fall and get hurt coupletimes
    and after couple try , you master it… microsoft does great things I mean
    just look at freaking SURFACE tablet… Its considered the best tablet of
    all. How you think the xbox one is going to suck when is in such good
    hands… Those people are smart

  19. Cloud Processing is very real, DirectX 12 is very real. Xbox One is the
    real deal. RACK’EM!

  20. Man if this cloud computing is half as effective on the Xbox1 then this
    console could last for a decade.

  21. The only problem is games that use this will be 100% useless once the
    server go offline. 

  22. I wonder how this cloud tech will function in the real world, outside of
    their controlled environment?

  23. I wonder how the ponys are gonna bash on this ?? Man I hate their community

  24. I own lots Microsoft products I don’t have anything against the company I
    hate toxic fanboys like fat gamer who spread bullshit 

  25. Will devs HAVE to make the game at a level assuming the GPU and CPU will
    have cloud computing support? What will happen to the gameplay experience
    of someone out of internet playing a game designed to run at a level with
    cloud computing support?

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