Xbox Live Cloud Tested for First Time ★ Titanfall Beta Feedback Changes Game

Xbox Live Cloud Tested for First Time ★ Titanfall Beta Feedback Changes Game

Microsoft’s Azure Xbox Live cloud is undergone its first ‘real’ stress test on a grand scale. Respawn reveals Titanfall Beta accomplishments and fixes coming…
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  1. I love how quickly i got a game on titanfall. dunno if it was the servers
    but once i selected my gametype i was put strait into a game.

  2. Man i’m excited for Titanfall and good to see changes for the good

  3. Did anyone else find it hard to lose in Titanfall?

    Towards the end of the beta I think I went like 30 games in a row without
    losing and I had random drop in/out both sides during the course of this

  4. I’m not exactly thrilled with Titanfall – But I do wish it well !
    Someone has to make a decent shooter (FPS) this year, surely?
    Hopefully this will be it. ‘COD: Ghosts’ and ‘Battlefield 4’ have been such
    a sorry ‘mess on the mat’ that I’m beginning to think the ‘golden age’ of
    shooters has passed…

  5. Too bad the “cloud” didn’t make those bots much smarter than your average
    vegetable lol

  6. Wait a second… if the PC version and Xbox One version both use the
    Microsoft Azure Xbox Live Cloud Computer Servers, then why can’t both
    version be cross-platform playable? When you use a Xbox 360 controller on
    the PC version it had aim assist built in… So why wouldn’t they allow
    Xbox One users to play with PC. Besides that I’m glad MS is running the
    servers. I have more faith in them than EA when it comes to servers stuff.

  7. issue is with talking about lag is there are many things that can play a
    factor, your isp, their isp and many other factors.

  8. Bots don’t lag…shocking. 

  9. I don’t wanna be a killjoy but expect problems with the titanfall launch.
    Even with betas there are still plenty of issues at launch. Expect it and
    it won’t be as frustrating. 

  10. I actually had a more than a few instances, where I would run into “real
    players” and they would lag all over my screen. That actually happen quite
    a bit. The game it self ran as smooth as a beta can, actually better than
    any beta that I’ve ever been a part of…..Overall I was very pleased with
    this game, and I’m buying it for sure.

  11. Awesome excited what xbox/titanfall has to bring :D

  12. i had a few lag spots but it didnt happen for long at all.

  13. i had bad lag where by i would still get audio but my screen would freeze
    for 10 seconds or so then correct itself. I consistently had 3-5 bars
    connection and my nat type was open so guessing it was a problem with the
    servers, Consistently 30ms ping to the European servers! 

  14. i had no problems my ping was at 52 all most the whole time no lag was
    down on friday because they were working to fix but that fine more they
    work out the better.

  15. I did 2 times but on PC I don’t know if is the same as xbone!

  16. and…This is what a Beta is supposed to be about. I wish other games had
    true Betas.

  17. They should have health recharge 

  18. +Larry Hundley my goodness your not acting very mature for your age old

  19. Read through all the comments, & I sniff some Sony fanboys, but thanks for
    the info.

  20. I have to give them props once the servers came back up it ran

  21. your compression settings are ugly imo. pump up that bitrate

  22. Microsoft could honestly change this-generation gaming with this cloud. I
    think cloud support is going to also move to multiplats; like cod and
    battlefield, let alone Destiny. Games like Halo 5 i guarantee will use the
    cloud. I think that by the end of this generation the power difference in
    the two consoles will be obsolete, given that the multiplats may even be
    superior on xbox one because of cloud computing. Titanfall is a sign of the
    good that is coming from microsoft.

  23. No I didnt have one issue with lag or server related problems. In fact i
    only found one bug while playing, and I spent a lot of time on the beta.

  24. Changes coming to Titanfall due to Beta ★ Xbox Cloud undergoes first real
    stress test – has hiccups

  25. SinkingWall1177/Xbox: they need to add more Titans in the near future with
    more features

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