Worldwide Live Streaming TV Channels for Free by Google Smart IPTV Box

Worldwide Live Streaming TV Channels for Free by Google Smart IPTV Box

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  1. For all existing or future R2B IPTV clients, starting 21 Jan 2015 you will
    gain full access to Box Office Movies Library from 1966 ~ Now. Please visit
    the following link for demo:

  2. For all existing or future clients, starting 21 June 2014 IT
    Team will send the Channel files directly to all our IPTV clients for
    immediately install through Dropbox. We will link all our clients to
    Dropbox IPTV Channels folder and update the channels from time to time
    through Dropbox. We will ensure all your channels are up to date and you
    can always uninstall / re-install it any time you wish.

  3. I purchased this device today on race2buy. com. When it arrives I will let
    you People know how it was.I am from Germany. IT will take some time until
    it will arrive in Germany. I will write a Review for you People who are
    interested in buying this iptv device. 

  4. Cost per month for chanels ? If this is through Google its not free ..?

  5. i’m confused, how is HBO listed and it being FREE?

  6. Hello Steve does it work in Germany ? I mean can I watch American stations
    in Germany?And all the channels are really for Free? Because it sounds too
    good to be true. I really want to buy one of your Device but I want to be
    sure that it will really work.

  7. can anyone help me with iranian channel list thanks

  8. Is Everthing allready on this Box installed? Or do i have download and do
    it my self? How is shipment to Germany? Any problems cause of tax? And my
    last question… are there any Balkan Channels like from Bosnia Croatia
    Serbia… thx for the answer ☺

  9. Let me know if u can add Swedish Bulgarian and more European canals I am
    noob and want all added before shipment pls let me know soon sir thank you

  10. what are the list of channels provided?

  11. So all i have to do is download the app from gstore to my computer & then
    connect it to my tv? Is that all it takes cos it sounds too good to be true
    :/ Bit confused here…. 

  12. You connected a tablet to your tv any dumbass can see that.

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