Windows 8.1 How to install free office suite open office

Windows 8.1 How to install free office suite open office

Get a free equivalent of Microsoft office called open office.
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  1. Really enjoyed you video….. I am having a problem…. I instralled 4.1.1
    on my 8.1 hp…. It will not open all excel documents. I do a time sheet
    on excel and it work great between microsoft and Open Office… It will
    not open a simple check book that I have in Microsoft word….. I am
    wondering if I need to install and older version of Open Office ? Thank
    you for any help


  2. thank you so much, i’ve been watching more than 20 videos here on youtube,
    but only your video helps me a lot, i really really want to thank you.

  3. Thanks! You speak english very well and clear !

  4. You are my saviour. This costs $6 on ebay and I got it free (version 4.1.1)
    from this link. Thanks a lot :D

  5. thaaank you very much !! :-) 

  6. The installation files that are above the OpenOffice shortcut on your
    desktop, can they be deleted? Why do they go on the desktop by default? If
    I need to keep them can they go in the program files folder?

  7. 127 mb is tiny

  8. Tuck 5 seconds to get thank you this is amazing :)

  9. thnk u soo soo much this is very helpful foR mE……………….

  10. thank you for this and for your time

  11. kkkk

  12. Merci beaucoup! I had to reset my computer to factory and i had Office
    2010, in excel i create a file back it up to an external drive. I have
    reloaded office and for some reason when i try to open one of the file a
    pop up shoes asking which program would you like to use to open this file i
    click on office. now i can’t see the file because when ever i click to open
    it it shows an icon like a little picture. Is there any way i can reverse
    that? or change the format so it doesn’t open with office? Thanks.

  13. Wonderful presentation. ..Thank you.. :)

  14. So if you save a document. Can you save it as a microsoft word document? so
    you can open it in microsoft word 

  15. thank you for this and for your time

  16. hey stp j’ai vue que tu parle francais, je n’arrive pas a le telecharger et
    prtant j’ai le windows 8.1

  17. Thanks. Now I can write my CV & print. Fantastic directions. Cheer’s The
    only downfall with windows 8 the micro soft… (Y)

  18. Thanks so much for posting this. Works great!

  19. Does this also open MS powerpoints or word documents?(e.g A friend emails
    me a powerpoint he did on MS office)

  20. Thank you, indeed helpful. 

  21. thank you wery match i works in excel to my work

  22. Thank you so much :)))

  23. I have open office, only the spell check quit working. And if I want to
    send a reseme that I made to a co. it doesn’t support it. But I like
    using it for simple jobs. It is nice for that.

  24. I can´t install it because appears to me: Error 1704 (Microsoft Visual C +
    + 2008 Redistributable – x64 9.0.30729.6161) during the setup. Am I doing
    something wrong?

  25. thanks man, that helped a lot and it opens the usual microsoft office
    extensions .. 

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