Western Digital WD My Cloud Personal Cloud Storage In-Depth Review – 2TB 3TB WDBCTL0020HWT-NESN

Western Digital WD My Cloud Personal Cloud Storage In-Depth Review - 2TB 3TB WDBCTL0020HWT-NESN

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. whats the difference between the MyBook and My Cloud drives ?

  2. Hi Lon. Thanks for taking time to review. I purchased 2 TB version. I am
    able to see the drive when I connect by Ethernet but am unable to see it on
    wifi in my home network.

  3. Does any one happen to know if the WD My Cloud app can automatically back
    up photos, videos, contacts? This is the feature I’m looking for after
    running over my cell phone with a semi truck (accidentally)

  4. Getting really aggravated with these new comments. Twice now it’s said I
    can’t reply to somebody on my own channel. Grrr.

    In any event, +Alexandre Maranhao, I ran a benchmark tonight using the
    BlackMagic Disk Speed Test. I use this for benchmarking drives for video
    purposes. The drive recorded 24.7 megabytes per second writes (about 197.6
    megabits per second) and 55.5 megabytes per second reads (444 megabits per
    second). I have some older patch cables and a bit of distance between my
    Mac and the drive so I am going to attempt a more direct connection and see
    if it can go any faster.

  5. Lon
    I ma looking for a NAS that can be configured to automatically sync and
    save videos and pics from our mobile devices, iphones, ipads etc. I would
    ideally like it to be a simple procedure initialized from our phones or as
    automatic as possible. Is this possible with his device? If not is this
    possible with any other?

  6. I think you should have demonstrated the backup feature by following
    through on that almost-HD knockdown. ;-)

  7. hello watching your videos, I decided to buy a hard drive wd MyCloud mirror
    but now I need a huge favor. So I bought a WD hard drive my cloud mirror
    8TB and it works fine except that I had on my mac so many HD movies that
    when I put on the external hard drive lost their cover and information that
    I added about the year the quality of the movie etc. and now I wanted to
    ask if you know any app for mac that allows me to keep the film on the
    external hard drive (wd my cloud) but at the same time allow me to organize
    them well on the mac without having anything on the mac hard drive
    understand me ? please help me because I have a lot of movies and do not
    know how to organize.

  8. Happy days! western digital did an update on the drives firmware today
    which has fixed the SRT subtitle not showing problem so everyone update
    your drives, there was also other tweaks in tonights update!

  9. Hi Lon,
    concerned about Dynamic IP:
    Great review. I’ve been using an Iomega NAS for the last several years,
    but the storage is used up and I can’t pop in bigger drives. This is on my
    list, but I’m confused about the remote access. On my NAS I have a ddns
    account set up and I simply type in the ddns address (i.e.;
    mynas.myiomega.com) and it takes me to the login page of the NAS on port 80
    I think. From there I can enter a user name and password. different
    usernames have different rights as set up in the NAS. I’m concerned about
    only being able to access this device through the “app”. I’m a windows
    user. How does WD get around dynamic IP addresses? Can I simply log in on
    any computer with an internet browser and type in the address of the NAS?
    I don’t like being restricted to just their way with their software. What
    if I’m at the library computer and need a file?
    thanks for your time!


  10. Hi Lon, I am looking for a device to back up a Laptop , Home PC and
    photos/videos taken on mobile phone. Would you recommend this device? or
    would a WD MyBook suffice? I will not require access to my files out of
    home! Thanks Great Videos and subbed!

  11. Hi there

    I think this HDdoes not work properly on remote access.

    At the remote computer as advised by company, go to http://www.wd2go.com enter
    your username and password and the drive will be mounted on to your
    computer. After doing so I can see all of my files but when I try to open
    any word file, it ask me username and password which I have entered but
    file never opens up and after trying for multiple attempts file opens up
    but only as read only. Not impressed.


    Another option is download desktop app but that app is useless. You can’t
    see file type, can’t save directly on to hard drive, can’t see drive when
    you are attaching file from outlook.

    Not a good buy.

    When I saw your video was really impressed but now actual experience

  12. Didn’t you have a video you recommended for hard drive to TV (movies, etc)

  13. Can you steam music from it? i have about 38,000 songs in my library and
    want to have streaming access to all of them on my iPhone. I have looked
    all over the web for an answer to this question, but cant find any info. I
    sure wold appreciate you helping me out with some information about its
    music streaming capabilities

    Thanks Lon

  14. Hi Lon,

    Super video! Thanks for your clear and honest review, helped me a lot!


  15. can i attach my 2bay harddisk docking to mycloud usb port?

  16. hi lon, i had a question, if i set up the wd my cloud at my house but
    wanted to use it at my church which is about 30 minutes away would i have
    access to all administrative options such as making shared folders, or and
    modifying what is available for mobile devices to see and use?

  17. I have watched a number of your reviews on a few products similar to this
    one and am leaning towards the My Cloud to act as my own personal cloud
    rather than relying on Google Drive to house my videos. I am just curious:
    1. How well the My Cloud streams video on to the app on my phone or tablet
    remotely (4G LTE)
    2. How well videos stream from a browser on my PC
    Any glitchiness, loss of quality or lag time to note?

    The reason I ask is because I think I’m apart of a growing demographic of
    people that are streaming videos previously uploaded to a cloud, onto their
    a device then casting the video onto my TV using Chromecast or AppleTV and
    want to be sure the video can make the journey across those three devices
    without a loss of quality or unreliability.

    If you could give me your opinion on this hardware’s capability to perform
    this task it would greatly effect my decision on whether I choose this
    product, a different one or stick to Drive. Thanks for your time,

  18. Is there anyway to access to wd my cloud from a chromebok?

  19. Hi Lon,

    I’m hoping you can point me in the right direction. I have a WD My Cloud
    3TB I purchased it after seeing your review and I’m very happy with it. I
    also have a Kindle Fire HDX – is there anyway to view the data I have
    stored on the hard drive on the Kindle Fire, it appears that there was an
    app but it seems to have been removed from the Amazon Store?

    Thanks in advance,

  20. Since it uses Wi-Fi to transfer files to the storage, does that mean I am
    technically wasting internet bandwidth every time I Read/Write something on
    my local network?

    Is the WD My Cloud smart enough to know when I am on the local network and
    read/write directly to the drive on the local network or will it wrote to
    the local drive through the WD My Cloud by means of the Internet?

  21. Great video. Any issues with having my cloud and my cloud ex2 on same
    network? Thanks

  22. hi, awesome videos on the WD My Cloud. I got a question, can you backup
    only a part of your MyCloud to an external disk? Like only 500GB of the
    2/4TB. Greetings from Holland

  23. I agree that cloud storage can be potentially dangerous. I would rather
    keep all my information on my hard drive or a flash drive. We have to be
    careful placing our information in the hands of others. Its too much of
    that happening these days.

  24. Hi Lon,
    I purchased a 4Tb WD My Cloud in the hopes of being able to use it as an
    off-site backup up device. Once I complete the initial backup, the device
    will be housed on my friends network. I then want to perform nightly
    backups to the device. Can it do this? Obviously, I don’t want my friend
    to be able to access the device. Can I implement such a restriction? Can
    I turn the off the DLNA capability? Can I configure the device remotely?
    Is there a better solution than this device?


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