WD My Cloud – iTunes Sharing Features – It doesn’t work with iOS and Apple TV

WD My Cloud - iTunes Sharing Features - It doesn't work with iOS and Apple TV

Buy it on Amazon – goo.gl/QU4nS7 (affiliate link). A viewer wrote in asking how he can use the WD My Cloud as an iTunes server. While the My Cloud doe…
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  1. Hi Lon. Thank you so much for this! I have a 250+ gig library and was
    contemplating a My Cloud purchase. Now that I know performance is
    spotty…I am much happier to shell out the $25 per year to let iTunes
    handle it.

  2. Hello ,, i have a WD my cloud connected up to a virgin super hub also have
    the android phone app ..on the phone app i can share any files with the
    mail link but from home when i try to share from the mac using My cloud
    software the link that is mailed wont work, anyone hep please 

  3. Great video Lon. I was thinking of getting either a WD Cloud or External
    HD to store all of my music and then serve it up to my A/V receiver. Would
    you recommend doing that, or will the iTunes service you mention be a
    better alternative? I have about 15 GB worth of music on iTunes and
    another 400 CDs I want to burn to digital.

  4. For anyone interested in viewing videos from the my cloud drive on the
    Apple TV, the WD Cloud IOS app supports airplay. It will only play mp4
    files. However, another IOS app, Infuse 3.0, supports the my cloud, has
    airplay, and it plays just about anything.

  5. Did all this and it still did’nt work. When I click on the WDMyCloud icon
    on the left of my itunes it glitches and wont load. Starts up for a split
    second then goes back to my normal itunes library. I used to have zero
    problem connecting either – worked great out of the box. But when the new
    Itunes update was DL’d, it stopped working. WTF? Cant wait to never buy mac
    again. What an overpriced piece of crap. 

  6. Hi I try relocating my iTunes library to my wd mycloud but it ask for pass
    work and user name I enter it but it keep saying it wrong when I know it
    right any suggestion please help. 

  7. thank you very much, i was looking for this information a long time

  8. Hi Lon, is it possible to stream videos to the internet, like to a

  9. Hey Lon! Amazing video as i was struggling with this. Works great on a pc
    but frustratingly not on my ipad with itunes. However, are there any other
    ways of accessing the music from my wd mycloud drive? Other apps perhaps or
    ways around it, without using itunes match? Or do i just need to get used
    to playing songs individually when i want to?

  10. Hi Lon, you are by far the best when it comes to gadgets review, that I
    have seen on you tube. Keep up the good work.
    Here a question i have for you…I am planning to buy a Amazon Fire
    TV….Is My cloud compatible with Amazon Fire TV…Would appreciate if you
    could assist me in my buying decision. Cheers!

  11. I have an AC Ryan Playon!HD media player. I can play movies that reside at
    my laptop and PC. Basically all the devices are set up on same home wifi
    network as my AC Ryan. And, of course these devices have file sharing turn
    Will I be able to play movies from WD MyCloud (which will be connected this
    said wifi network)? This is my main consideration in purchasing MyCloud.

  12. Thank you Lon. I feel like I was cheated. I bought this because my
    external hard drives were failing and though “perfect I have a raid
    configured raid 1 array set up so I’ll never lose my files again” but you
    are saying not to put your iTunes folder there because if you ever
    disconnect from the network it would be a problem, correct? But if you
    rejoined the network wouldn’t everything go back to normal automatically?
    I’m debating on returning this thing and just putting two internal 6tb
    drives in my computer and running raid 1 on those two hard drives. I’m
    just at a loss at what to do. I have apple TV. Then I think “well I could
    get the WD TV Live box” now that I’m switching to android and it plays ALL
    file formats on that network drive. What do you suggest for someone who
    want to watch their files from their hard drive? How often or difficult is
    the reconnect for the apple iTunes library if it is stored on this WD My
    Mirror Drive? I know you have a lot of fans asking – and you’ve gone over
    options in two videos, but can you directly address, or show what to do
    based on multiple scenarios? Thanks Lon, love your stuff.

  13. I have a bunch of movies that i copied on my mac from my collection is
    there a way to store those in iCloud?

  14. Great video, thanks for your work. I have a question I have an apple Tv,
    for my is an excellent product, but aleays that i want to see videos in my
    Tv from my pc itunes library, this needs stay power on. Exist any device
    that can conect directly with the Apple tv for see my media files, because
    have power on my computer for a long hours is very hard. Thanks for your
    time, i wish that you can help me.

  15. Hello Lon,
    How do I copy my iTunes on to my WD MyCloud. I do want to keep my iTunes
    on my PC, but also want it copy onto my MyCloud so I can access my
    playlists to play via my Bose Soundtouch system

  16. So I just bought the 2TB version I have the latest updates etc. but im
    tying to back up my music files from my pc to the cloud but it just stops
    uploading i get to a certain uploaded point and then it just stops 

  17. hi thank you so much for all your doing. i do have a WD mycloud, for some
    reason I’m having the hardest time finding the drive on the network,
    sometimes I have to unplug it & plug it back in to fined it that only last
    about 3-4 day, is there anything you can do to help? please & thank you 

  18. HI! On your previous video you talked about transferring photos directly
    from the camera to the cloud. Do you mean copying it via iPhoto? We just
    got our WD My Cloud 3 TB today.

  19. sorry, this might have been asked before but i am lazy scroll down to find
    answer.. :-) question is how do i move itunes library from my mac mini to
    WD My Cloud with complete playlists organised as on mac mini? 

  20. Hi Lon, thanks for this great videos for the My cloud device.
    Hope you can make still a video on how to backup using time machine. I was
    trying to do this with my 3TB model with Mavericks but it seems that the
    folder Timemachinebackup need to be set as “PUBLIC” in order for TM
    preferences to be able to log in. If it is set as NON public, I get the
    OSsetup error 02 response. Is this safe in this PUBLIC setting even if it
    is encrypted? Hope you can provide some light and options for this. Thanks

  21. Hello,

    1st and foremost…sir you are awesome. Keep up the amazing work.

    Second, I have a question about the WD My Cloud Live. I have a Mac and I
    want to set up streaming capabilities using the WD My Cloud iOS app. If I
    format the files correctly and save them to the WD My Cloud Live, will they
    stream through the app or download directly to the iPad. This includes
    Video and Music files.

  22. This is the most unreliable NAS ever. There should be a law against
    producing poor backup appliances likes this crap.
    Don’t by WD products, if their NAS is not faulty, their drives are. 

  23. So you’re really promoting Apple’s itunes match service. Match basically
    charges you to relinquish all of your music so Apple can turn around and
    make money again selling it to others via the iTunes store. So essentially
    Apple is building a database of all the world’s music by charging people to
    hand over their mp3 collections, and then holding it hostage for $.99 each.
    No thanks. I will continue to use my WD MyCloud to access my music which I
    took alot of time, effort, and risk to obtain from “ill-gotten” means..
    Some of which, are so dated that they couldn’t be purchased even I wanted
    to. I don’t want Apple charging others for those gems.

    I’m finding that although there is a MyCloud app for iOS devices, Apple
    apparently does not want to allow consistent access to your files through
    the app. Apple blocks the app from performing, whereby hearding you towards
    its proprietary apps and iTunes Match. I hate when companies behave this
    way and refuse to make their products play well with others. I will ditch
    my iPod touch and Apple devices first before ditching my own personal
    cloud..WD or other source. I am betting that WD will perfect its Cloud
    drives eventually regardless of who plays well with them or not.

  24. Hello Lon,

    Thanks for the great information – really great videos.

  25. I have an old PC running XP and I want to get all the music from my old
    iTunes before I discontinue the use of my old machine. I have a new iTunes
    ID at this point. I now have a Mac Mini and a MyCloud device. How do I get
    all the music from a machine that may not continue to function for much

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