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Question by Iron Man: Can an Ipad or Kindle Fire type documents up like a laptop?
I have a big 15inch screen toshiba laptop that weighs more then i would wish. I was looking into trading my laptop in for a Ipad or a Kindle fire. Im a college student so i will need to be able to type up papers and do research. Is it worth trading up my laptop for one of these smaller lighter devices. Only real deciding factor is weither I can type up or not.

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Answer by Dylan
Here I found a good review on the kindle fire vs iPad:

As far as taking notes on kindle fire is concerned… Yes its worth it. For word files there is an app known as Quick office which shall help you through rest of it. The kindle fire would have a 7″ screen which makes it very much of a portable device and it just weighs 413g.

Other than that it can be used to watch movies, play games and do other basic tablet stuff. But make sure that it wont have a camera, 3g or microSD slot. It has an 8Gb built in storage plus you can store your data online on the amazon cloud which makes the memory pretty much unlimited.

The price for kindle fire is basically the best thing and the feature in the kindle fire, here take a look:

Hope I helped!

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