Watch Hulu Online Free on Android

Watch Hulu Online Free on Android

Yo peeps! So as you might know, Hulu is blocked from android devices. Meaning, even if you do have adobe flash installed, it still will not play. Well, I’m g…
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  1. I tried to install the script but my phone says that the script cant create
    or write to the intended location

  2. Hi How can I watch Netflix on line for free?…

  3. I followed the steps to download Busybox yet I don’t know if it’s installed
    correctly or not. The ‘please wait……installing busybox……’ seems to
    be stuck. I never get the ‘successfully installed….’ message. Help!

  4. I don’t understand. I have a rooted android device running 4.0.4 but this
    isn’t working for me!

  5. Teamviewer was one option for us but this is cool when the laptop is

  6. i need help… 

  7. ok having problems loading BB v1.20. it is telling me to try a diff version

  8. WOW .. this method works great for my phone .. very happy .. now I need to
    see if it will work on my tablet .. guess I have to root my tablet .. hope
    I don’t screw it up .. thanks for the video ..

  9. Free Hulu plus / Netflix accounts on my channel!;)

  10. That’s tooooooooo much

  11. Hulu sucks, in so many ways!

  12. “there was a problem parsing the package”?

  13. I think that’s a shadow.

  14. doesnt work for me…… the flash zip shows as a zip unable to access is

  15. That’s for Hulu plus, which you have to pay for

  16. I have trouble with r/w permissions!

  17. Gampaha inna watina kollek good

  18. thats what this shows how to do is unblock android with the script and
    terminal. its BS that they dont allow you to do the same thing on android
    that you do on windows or mac. its just a sleazy move to get more

  19. Thanks for the video tutorial, Is there a way to do this with spotify?

  20. If i do this can ai watch online movies

  21. Ethanb

  22. What’s with the brown spot on the phone 😛

  23. 3:08 McPixel 😀 Nice vid btw

  24. Yes you can play flashplayer games

  25. Please Help! When I run the script, it stops at the 4th line and tells me:
    Sh applet not found What can I do? Tnx

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