Vice Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Bruce Willis Action Movie HD

Vice Official Trailer  <a href='' />#1</a> (2015) - Bruce Willis Action Movie HD

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. This female empowerment shit is getting old. A woman like this won’t even
    bother to sign up for real physical labor in the real world. So, WTF is the
    point in this shit anymore? To turn women into bigger self-hating bitches??
    That’s all they’ve succeeded in doing with this nonsense.

  2. We can call it surrogates reload, I robot the beginning, purge 3 or Vice,
    yeah VICE. LOL

  3. a libertarian paradise this vice is. 

  4. I can assure all of you that this movie was total bullshit! rubbish,
    rubbish and rubbish! i will give this movie 1/5 as i made the effort to
    watch it. total time waster!

  5. I, Robot, meets The Island, meets The Purge, meets Total Recall?

  6. So iRobot + the purge + total recall + ultra violet + the purge = a movie
    that looks like it has two movies in it and doesn’t make sense. 

  7. Is this straight to VHS?

  8. Wasn’t there already a Bruce Willis movie like this called Surrogates?

  9. Why don’t you make arrangements to take our hovercraft to Medieval World,
    Roman World and Westworld. Contact us today, or see your travel agent. Boy,
    have we got a vacation for you.

  10. The Purge with an android

  11. Bruce Willis is not holding a gun in this movie?

  12. Holy shit, there are so many movies about artificial intelligence coming
    out this year. Cut it out already!

  13. Edge of Tomorrow, The Purge, A.I. and Surrogates. Formulaic storyline.
    Targeting a certain demographic and was only made for a profit. Horrible.

  14. I LOVED this movie the first time I saw it. When it was titled Westworld.

  15. why bruce like making movie like surrogates or i.robot

  16. I like that bruce willis does these sci fi films, even this low budget one,
    fair play to him. the film was rather bad, but the concept was good, just
    lack of money killed it I suppose. Watchable, just a bit plasticcy.

  17. Why has Bruce Willis been doing so many bad movies lately? SMH

  18. Jesus. *Another* crappy movie about the same old same old??? Bruce Willis
    has fallen far.

  19. Blade Runner, from the POV of Roy Batty, with Roy recast as female.

  20. Ok 1st off when the bank robbers are leaving the bank shooting wtf are they
    shooting at? The Chinese guy shooting at the second floor window across the
    street? The other retard at a tire while gripping the banana clip when u
    put grip on an SMG and not even use it? And (spoiler alert) the so called
    upgrade!? Sorry but punching a fat security guard and killing and old aged
    guard with a p90 then getting your self captured is not exactly my kind of
    upgrade if I were an A.I. 5/10 cool story but they needed to make it way
    way more realistic.

  21. I better start saving $ for when this shit becomes real.

  22. Come to NZ, no laws, no consequences. There is the law and then there is
    reality. Prison is a deterence for those to being poor, unemployed, or the
    wrong racial demographic. Where the real criminals walk the halls of
    finance and government, committing theft in daylight unrestrained.

  23. I hate movies when Bruce Willis is the bad guy… it just doesn’t seem
    right /:|

  24. This feels like a mock trailer. Like one of those CollegeHumor “Every
    Sci-Fi Action Trailer Ever” videos or Rick and Morty’s “Two Brothers”.

    “It’s a place where everything can happen, but then a robot gained
    sentience, but then they went after her, but then she fled, now she’s ON.
    THE. RUN. And you know what’s more? Now she has ‘Lucy” powers. Coming

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