Unbroken Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Angelina Jolie Directed Movie HD

Unbroken Official Trailer  <a href='http://free-online-cloud.com/tag/1' />#1</a> (2014) - Angelina Jolie Directed Movie HD

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  1. Hmm when will Hollywood make a movie about barbaric genocide and war crimes
    by American soldiers? America was/is one of the worst brutal war criminals.

  2. As somebody whose travelled to other countries, it’s safe to say that
    America is not the worst country in the world. Proof? In Cambodia, children
    are being sold for sex. There is constant bombing in multiple parts of the
    Middle East. There are countless people living in poverty and disease in
    the Philippines, Africa, and etc. You can be executed for being gay or
    Christian in some countries. For those of you who haven’t heard the story
    of Mariam Ibrahim, I highly suggest looking into it. As Americans, we need
    to learn not to complain so much and count our blessings. Somebody
    somewhere in this world is praying for what you have. And for those who
    label this country as “corrupt,” you don’t even know what corrupt is.

  3. This movie is supposed to be INSPIRING. It doesn’t matter if he’s American
    or British or Kenyan or Dutch, the point is we’re supposed to be inspired
    by his never-say die attitude and his fearlessness.

  4. This movie is not about race or nationality. It’s about the human spirit
    and will. Those people that fought those wars for whatever reason they
    fought are not us, and their reasons for fighting are long gone. I’m an
    American. My father fought in the war. But I love the Japanese culture
    and art, have Japanese friends and married a German girl. We are not those
    people. Let’s not repeat their mistakes and suffer their misfortune.

  5. Is there anyone who wants to actually see the movie because of the
    inspirational true story and not because Miyavi led them here? 

  6. I wonder if Angelina will make any movie about how America Boomed Japan
    TWICE , Looking forward to the Great Producer New Movie -_-

  7. Japanese people shoul feel guilty !! Not just American prisoners …so many
    Korean and Chinese people died….ALL JAPANESE PEOPLE SHOULD WATCH THIS

  8. These comments are pathetic. This movie was not made to glorify the US or
    make Japan look bad, it was made to tell how Louie survived. If all you got
    from this trailer is that America is bad, then there is something wrong
    with you. I am American, and guess what, I know my country has made
    mistakes, but you want to know something else? Every country has. Every
    person has. Don’t let the actions of a few corrupt soldiers shape your
    views of an entire country. Don’t take such an inspirational movie like
    this and ruin it by turning it into something it’s not. I read this book,
    and it was amazing. They wanted to keep it PG-13, so you won’t even know
    some of the crap he went through unless you read the book. Now let’s all
    grow up and stop insulting other countries. With your insults, you are
    accomplishing nothing except for making your own country look arrogant and
    stupid. I’m not going to say the US is the best country in the world, but
    it is not nearly as bad as what many of you are saying. 

  9. Best quote of the movie! 😀
    “If you can take it. You can make it.”

  10. You don’t see the Germans nor the Americans denying it ever took place
    however. Japan’s continued whitewashing of history. Will not make it go

    Japan still to this day refuses responsibility for any of it. Every aspect
    of their involvement has been scrubbed from school text books.
    You ask the average Japanese.

    What their knowledge is of Peral Harbor will draw blank stares. Well that’s
    kinda scary isn’t it. Some even believe we invaded them. That Peral Harbor
    was just some elerbrate hoax lol.

    Nanjing, Bataan they might have heard of but don’t know what is was about.
    Japan even had the balls not long ago. To send a convoy to demand.

    That we remove statues honoring victums. Screw you Japan and your backwards
    messed up country. No wonder the Chinese & Koreans are so pissed.

    I would be to and here i used to think Japan was an ally lol. Well truth is
    stranger then fiction i guess.


  11. 일본은 아시아의 아우슈비츠를 만들고 살인,고문,강간,납치,인간실험(731부대)등 파렴치한 민족입니다. 독일의 유대인 학살 홀로코스트에
    버금가는 행동을 했습니다. 많은 미국인들이 일본의 기습에 죽어갔고 아시아에도 많은 어린 여자를 납치하여 20만에 해당되는
    한국여자아이들이 군대 성노예로 끌려가 개죽음 당한 슬픈 역사를 가지고 있습니다 .종전후 많은 일본전범들이 전쟁범죄를 재판받고
    처형되었지만 지금의 아베정권은과 그 우익들은 전범을 참배하러 갑니다. 역사를 은폐하기 급급해서 마치 일본이 경제적으로 성공하니
    자기들이 선진국이라 자부하는 꼴인데 실상은 아주 잔인하고 더러운 민족 근성을 가지고 있습니다. 지금 일본에서는 카미카제라고
    자살폭탄으로 많은 미군배를 폭격한 일을 자랑스러워 하고 있슴니다. 과연 어떤 나라도 자기나라 국민을 폭탄 대용으로 쓰고도 국가를
    위했는니 하면서 …지금의 이라크 자살폭탄과 다를바가 뭐가 있겠습니까. 더 문제인것은 자기나라수상이 고노담화,무라야마 담화를 발표하여
    위안부를 인정하고 사과한 내용을 아베정권와서 부정하고 그런일을 한적이 없다고 합니다. 자기나라 수상이 공식적으로 사과한 내용을 지금
    우익들은 부정하고 있습니다. 자기나라 수상이 발표한것도 날조니 조작이라고 말하는 일본을 어떻게 믿을까요. 하루빨리 무릎꿇고 어린나이에
    일본군에게 끌려가 모든 꿈도 희망도 날려버린 불쌍한 영혼들 앞에 사죄하고 반성하는 길이 또다시 범행을 하지않겠다는 명세로 보입니다.
    .어떤국민도 자기나라 국가나 왕을위해 인간폭탄으로 이용되는 나라는 없습니다 . 포로들의 잔인한 역사는 이미 영화 콰이강의 다리에서도
    알려져 잇습니다. 죽음의 행진이라고 바탄까지 무려 몇백km를 행진시켜서 낙오되는 포로들은 가차없이 죽여버렸습니다 . 아뭏턴 일본에서도
    개봉되어서 길길이 날뛰는 일본우익들 ,국민들이 반성하는 그날이 왔어면 하는 바램입니다 

  12. Japanese illegally kill whales and bottlenose dolphin – they are pathetic
    even now.

  13. Japan is not changed. they are worshipping war criminals in yasukuni shrine
    still now.
    they are a Asian Nazi.

  14. I don’t know if Unbroken is a propaganda film ‘cause I haven’t seen it …
    but the two poster designs feature a blood-red shape of Japanese islands
    and Olympic rings of barbed wire, middle one of which is painted red like
    Japanese flag … this is political propaganda. Sell T-shirts in China/Korea
    and watch out for pirates!

  15. This movie is nonfiction? Why people like such anti-Japanese movie…
    Even though this movie is including lots of bullshit of Japanese custom
    such as cannibalism, Japanese will not protest to this movie cuz Japanese
    think people in this world are not so much stupid as people who are easily
    affected by such movie.I hope people will not have stereotype to Japanese
    by seeing this bullshit movie…

  16. 日本兵の描写がまるっきり中国の反日プロパガンダ映画と同じで笑った

  17. A story that’s more moving than anything I’ve ever read, watched, or
    been told. Its not a story about war or political BS, its bigger than
    that, its bigger and better than all of it….WATCH IT!!

  18. White supremacy movie

  19. this movie looks really inspiring and good.one thing though japanese
    soldiers were notoriously cruel just as ss nazis.killing millions of
    civilians and used live humans as chemical warfare lab rats.because
    japanese have so much money they could bend the history with their money
    even influence hollywood and politicians.hoolywwod should make more movies
    about how cruel japanese were during WWII.

  20. oh jeez look at all these who hate America but yet when your country is in
    crisis ya’ll will / want our help from us..


  21. So many childish, offended people in the comments. Watch the movie. There
    is even a segment at the end where it says the main character (yes it’s a
    true story) met up with every single one of his Japanese guards and made
    peace with them (except for one, because he refused to see him). Because
    the movie is about peace and strength of will, not war and hatred.
    Why don’t we all just look at that war and see no one is ever right or
    wrong. War sucks for everyone. The Japanese guards were innocent people
    just following orders, just like the American soldiers who got stuck in
    that camp.
    War is just a concept where guilty, selfish people get innocent people to
    fight and die for them.

  22. As u can see by my previous comment, i was excitied to see this movie.
    Honestly, the movie was disappointing to me. I felt they didnt do a good
    job of drawing you into the character and making you care. I wouldve liked
    a more fleshed out story of his youth/growing up/showing a greater bond
    between him and his brother or a girlfriend etc. Something to make you
    care. I was also disspointed that they didnt show more scenes of him over
    coming durring the film. I wanted some truly uplifting, fleshed out scenes.
    This dudes real life story was incredible. They had many great routes to
    take. Im not saying the movie was awful by any means, It had great
    production/music/acting, i just feel like they missed out on some
    oppurtunities and didnt make the movie as GREAT as it couldve been.
    Honestly, Big Hero 6 was a better more well developed movie 

  23. To people who comment on dirty words.
    Because you can not argue theoretically, you spit a dirty word.
    Ear to listen to your words, you do not have to me.
    I do not think both fart.


  24. Angelina Jolie? No, thanks.
    I wonder by the way, who was in fact the real director of this movie? Or,
    who was the ghost director?

  25. Unbroken Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Angelina Jo…:

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