The Expendables 3 Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Sylvester Stallone Movie HD

The Expendables 3 Official Trailer  <a href='' />#1</a> (2014) - Sylvester Stallone Movie HD

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. The Expendables – One of the only movie full of bad arse action legends!
    What’s not to love about it :)

  2. So Serbians are bad guys again? Hmmm….The same Serbians who were on your
    side in WW1 and WW2 and who are currently helping you to fight the ISLAM
    nation…Well if the mujahideen cut more of your heads maybe then will you
    understand some things.

  3. OKAY OKAY OKAY OKAY let me get this straight , possible spoilers ahead,

    So barney leaves his old team because he dont wanna drag them down and have
    them killed,
    so he gets a new team who can kill the man who will possible kill the old
    team if hes not stopped,
    but the new team got captured and now he have to get his old team back to
    save the new team who was supposed to save the old team, omg XD what a
    plot… still good movie though XD

  4. I honestly laugh at people who watch the Expendables and expect great
    acting and some compelling story. It’s obvious there will be holes in the
    movie, but sometimes you got to let go and get your head out of your ass.
    Enjoy it for what it is, not what it isn’t.

  5. Eminem’s hit #Berzerk is the theme song for the upcoming movie

  6. people actualy watch this ??

  7. well i am just gonna say first you are gonna have people who hate these
    films better than what you call action movies today, i find all 3
    expandables fucking awesome, i like the fact you have good action and drama
    thrown in and magic comedy moments, problem with action movies today they
    take their self too serious, years ago you had the action with magic comedy
    thrown in at times. just my opinion, this film i loved, the story is simple
    to follow the action i say is good enough, snipes i am glad is back in
    movies he was magic here, ford still kicks ass for an old man, stallone
    still cuts it today teaches action stars today how it is done,
    schwarznegger still magic in his part fun to watch him, bandaras so funny
    in it and holds his own well, jason stathem still magic in his role,
    lunggren wow always good he is, crews still holds his magic love the big
    guy, colture as toll road love this guy ufc legend. mel gibson as the
    villian outstanding, the rest of the actors are magic even the newcomers.
    the acting is very good. i don’t care if you get people slating this films,
    don’t like them go and watch twilight. overall i think 9 out of 10 i
    enjoyed it. and the direction was good too.

  8. We watch these films for the old school hero’s an villains so why add those
    crap new characters. That woman was awful. I thought they were just there
    to make up the numbers or to kill off. I hope they dont make those three
    young ones permanent. 

  9. Even if the downloading sites do have this movie I’m going to wait till it
    comes to the theaters to watch it. Downloading movies and music is just

  10. The ad for the movie I watched yesterday!
    It was amazing!
    MY NEW FAVOURITE MOVIE!!! (lot of shooting)

  11. Stallone should be the enemy and Gibson a good guy

  12. Oh how much I wait to watch this movie!! 

  13. this movie is made for us the 80’s generation the last manly generation not
    the pussy ipad skinny jeans spoiled disrespectful little brats. this is for
    us the guys who have values who when have a problem with someone we resolve
    it like men not delete them from our facebook page people who have respect
    for there elders. this is a chance to see our childhood heroes once again
    in the same movie something we dreamed of as children. point is little
    spiderman and twilight fans are not allowed to watch this

  14. Anyone know the song of Eminem?

  15. Can’t Wait…
    * ‘Nuff Said.

  16. Oh veah – Expendables 3
    The Expendables 3 Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Sylvester Stallone Movie HD

  17. What’s the song on 0:50?

  18. whats the song in the very beginning

  19. What song is playing in the trailer?

  20. Does Chuck Norris appear in this movie because if not I’m not obligated ;D

  21. What song ?

  22. Sly just doesn’t know how to direct a film. He may know how to write a film
    in a screenplay, but as far as directing….his directing is trash. Thats
    one of the reasons why these Expendables movies have been a failure. Its
    because Sly doesn’t know how to direct a film. 

  23. omg its Mel Gibson, i thought we all hated him for the jew comments, but I
    guess for now we are ok with it

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