Tech companies vs. net neutrality, Microsoft accepts Bitcoin, Sony DDoS ‘s torrent sites

Tech companies vs. net neutrality, Microsoft accepts Bitcoin, Sony DDoS 's torrent sites

Over 60 companies write a letter to the FCC against reclassifying the Internet as a utility; Microsoft now accepts Bitcoin; Sony is using DDoS attacks to dis…
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  1. These companies have to realise that by opposing net neutrality they’re
    vilifying themselves in the public eye. Sure, profits come before public
    relations, but it’s those public relations that create profit. 

  2. DDOS attacks are punishable, members from anonymous faced serious charges
    for this. Sony should get charged for it as well.

  3. BTW Piratebay is up, just downloaded windows 8.1

  4. Hey Sony… Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  5. After reading so of the comments I have realized that A LOT of people think
    Net Neutrality is a bad thing. When asked why, they explain that it will do
    the exact opposite of what it does. They have their info backwards. This is
    BAD! Just to clarify NN is what we currently have it’s just not enforceable
    by the FCC. Getting rid of it would allow ISPs to charge extra for certain
    Data and possibly have lower bandwith caps with higher prices. We don’t
    want this. We want all data to be treated the same and allow the FCC to
    enforce this rule, That is all NN is. It won’t hurt anyone other than the
    greedy ISPs that want to charge you extra for no reason.

  6. Wait im a bit confuse mostly because companies like intel and IBM were
    there but we as internet users want net neutrality right im not the best
    when it comes to internet stuff

  7. Dang! Sony’s taking the fight to the hackers!

  8. the QR codes are getting better hiding places every video 0_0

  9. I don’t get it – Intel and IBM are opposing Net Neutrality and I see all
    these negative comments about them. Isn’t Net Neutrality a bad thing?

  10. ooh ms accepts bitcoin.. inb4 bitcoin price rises to 5 thousand dollars.
    Yeah right. Nobody is interested in buying virtual goods for bitcoin.. all
    they want to do is wait for the price to go higher so they can sell bitcoin
    for real world cash. And thats not how bitcoin was intended to be used.
    Beats the whole point. Not to mention as soon as the price rises. some
    schmuck with millions of bitcoins dumps them. He makes a profit while
    everyone loses. Its a no win for anyone but those who actually mined
    bitcoin since its first days. And maybe those who hit refresh bitcoin price
    every 2 secs and panic dump them whenever it starts to fall.

  11. well sony….2 wrongs don’t make a right……unless you get microsoft
    involved then its 3 wrongs so you are making a right :D

  12. Funny thing is is that DDoSing is illegal.

  13. I really expect them to hide a QR code on the Seagate commercial.

  14. Damn you sony!!!!!! You took my pirate bay down!!!!! Now where am i going
    to dock my pirate ship!?

  15. dont search scat on google images


  17. thepiratebay got raided by the Swedish police, so it got nothing to do with
    Sony’s cute attempt to stop their movies from being pirated.

  18. 1080p only? wtf are you guys doing?! no 60fps, and responding by
    DOWNGRADING quality?.. 

  19. I hope sony is fined as DDoS attacks are illegal even if you’re doing it to
    hackers. Seems like a REALLY stupid move on Sonys part as their is bound to
    be retaliation and if sony hasn’t learned from the PSN attack and the hack
    that just happened they are about to learn a valuable lesson in not
    fucking with people.

  20. Windows 10 is great minus the whole built in backdoor for the

  21. I think Sony may have been launching DDoS attacks against the torrent sites
    before the hack went down. That would explain the “You’ve been warned” type
    message posted before the hack.

  22. it won’t fucking harm their investments thats fucking bullshit. No shit
    they will make more money if the net is not neutral, I would make more
    money if I charged everyone to breath doesn’t fucking give me the right to
    do it. 

  23. You really think Google fiber will save net neutrality? They don’t speak on
    the matter because if it passes that an ISP can charge for faster lanes for
    certain sites, Google will make money by doing so! Stop feeding a monopoly
    in the making.

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