Taylor Swift – Shake It Off (Easy Piano Tutorial with FREE Sheet Music and midi!)

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off (Easy Piano Tutorial with FREE Sheet Music and midi!)

Get the Sheet Music and Midi: pianoitall.com/taylor-swift-shake-it-off-easy-piano-sheet-music-and-midi/ Here’s how to play on Piano or Keyboard! Pleas…
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  2. @juliannatoma Definitely! Make a cover, send me a link, and I’ll create a
    post of it on the pianoitall website! I’m starting a community section
    where people can post videos of themselves playing Pianoitall songs! Thanks
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  3. I like your songs in the piano, but can make songs of lucy hale like run
    thos town

  4. Dude! Wayyyy good! You’re my “competition” but you’ve got quality. Props
    and peace

  5. can someone tell me all the music-notes because I don’t follow it but want
    to do this

  6. Heyyy really good! Can you make really dont care by demi lovato? Please :)

  7. Hey can you please do a tutorial on the heart wants what it wants by Selena
    Gomez please? THANK YOUUU

  8. can yo do a tutorial on my grown up Christmas list by kelly Clarkson?

  9. Hams,d,d,d.s.ll


  10. If you accept requests, you should really make a cover of a Bring Me The
    Horizon song? I don’t believe you’ve done a song in that genre of music. It
    would seriously be lovely. It may be a challenge for you as well! xxx

  11. voll cool es ist toll was man am Computer als machen kann

  12. could you do A Little Bit Of Your Heart by Ariana Grande? If you can’t find
    it on youtube you can search it on MTV’s website! They’ve 4 exclusive
    previews of her new album. (:

  13. You just earned a new sub that shit was crazy good.

  14. I think these videos are great

  15. This is amazing. Thank you so much for making this video, im going to learn
    how to play it :]

  16. This is so cool !

  17. For your next video can u play Rather Be by Clean Bandit???? Please!!!!!!!

  18. Please do hopeful by bars and melody

  19. Thanks a lot! You actually replied :o

  20. Amazing. Super helpful. Thanks!!! SUBSCRIBED.

  21. Please play:
    A sky full it stars – Coldplay
    Superheroes – The Script

  22. ¡AWESOME!

  23. Could you ”do” the sheet music for ”Into a Fantasy” by Alexander Rybak?
    It would make me so happy! You have no idea :)

  24. please make more of taylor swift! and please make echosmith tutorials too

  25. Could you do Fireproof by One Direction 😀 ?

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