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G&G Production for Microsoft-Cloud Power. Question by Brw: need a site to upload and download a file around 200mb? i need to upload a file that is 160 mb and have it downloadable by my friend wirelessly. what is a site that is still open and free that i can use Best answer: Answer by Sharcif it is just general file, then u can use Dropbox, Ubuntu One cloud sharing services. But its ur account. u can also use Microsoft Skybox for sharing with ur friend. Goolge them and u can find it. Know better?… Read Article →

cloud backup services for business cloud backup small business business cloud backup small business cloud backup online backup 5tb start online backup busine… Question by Tifff: Can i still download from mediafire? I usually would google the song then mediafire right after it and a link would be pop up. Now its cloud storage? I’m wondering if it is still possible for me to download from their site. I made an account but its somewhat confusing to me. If it is possible to download from their site, please tell me how. If not, then are… Read Article →

Video Rating: 4 / 5 Question by Leah: How to learn about game designing? I decided I want to have a go at gam es designing. First I want to create some smaller games like the online free games,so it as simple. I have a small backround in web design so I know about code, I havnt a idea about game design. How shuld I proceed, many have reccomended getting a book. Im not done with highschool btw so classes are out of the question Best answer: Answer by eli porterGames can be very complex,… Read Article →

Launch of Microsoft Cloud in India- Film maker Saranendu Chaki. Video Rating: 0 / 5 Question by Kate798: What program/site can I use to make a group schedule? I need to make one schedule for 5 people that shows each person’s classes, so we can all see when the other person is busy and when we all are free. Best answer: Answer by Katie and Gavin FentonHi Kate you can either do this through Outlook Microsoft Exchange, although this costs a bit of money. The other and more obvious way is to use Google calendars…. Read Article →

Microsoft answers questions on Cloud Security in the face of cyber attacks. Question by Thomas Amato: Where can I get microsoft word for free? I already used my 30 day free trial. I really need it! Please and Thanks! Best answer: Answer by do-anhdid any computer come with that Add your own answer in the comments! More Free Microsoft Cloud Articles

Behind every luxury sports car produced by Aston Martin is a sophisticated IT Infrastructure. The goal of the Aston Martin IT team is to optimize that infras… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Question by Chels: What antivirus can I download that is free? I need to protect my computer and I don’t want to spend money for an anti-virus when I heard that you can download some for free without a trial. (Preferably one that has good reviews.) Thank you. Best answer: Answer by ?microsoft securaty essintials What do you think? Answer below! Find More… Read Article →

Microsoft’s new ad campaign for cloud power. Video Rating: 3 / 5 Question by Carly xoxo: What is the best fire wall and free fire walls available? I have McAfee and i’m not that pleased with it, i have had bad viruses when i have only been on green sites and dont download anything i’ve also had norton and that wasn’t that good and i’m not sure about AVG as i’m always on the security questions here on yahoo and i only here bad things what are the best fire walls, i’m also the kind… Read Article →

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