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A valuable panel discussion of delegates from various Orgnizations. The panelists share real time situations where Microsoft Cloud has been a key component i… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Question by John Crisp: What is the difference between “Cloud” and other online storage sites-programs? My dad asked that and i have? no idea what to say. I only know cloud as a game files storage site that Steam uses. I know there are others that offer through norton and other other programs. Ok so how and when does the other sites update? Why is it… Read Article →

Microsoft Cloud Power. Video Rating: 0 / 5 Question by agreenlilly: what is the best antivirus software for my laptop? I had Avast, but the free trial ran out, so i’m using Microsoft Security Essentials with a seperate application for the Firewall. Is there better software that I could be using? Best answer: Answer by colorguardgurl66I don’t know what software but DO NOT USE 2 DIFFERENT KINDS!!! They will perceive each other as threats and tear your computer apart, trying to demolish the other… and it makes your computer unbelievable slow… Add your own answer… Read Article →

Teach your old docs new tricks with Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office. Google Cloud Connect is a free plugin that improves Microsoft Office 2003, 200… Question by starlight: Where can I get free virus protection for a personal computer? I would like to have a virus scanner for my computer but don’t have the money to buy one. I’ve heard that there are free ones on the internet for personal use that are trustworthy. Where can I find one? Best answer: Answer by F’uck the IRAgoogle search AVG free Give your answer to this… Read Article →

In this video I demonstrate the basic capabilities of SkyDrive to store and share files over this free Microsoft cloud service. Windows 8 and Surface make th… Video Rating: 5 / 5 Question by sunny: What do i need to learn to develop Cloud applications in Java? I want to learn how to develop Cloud applications. I am familiar with programming in Java but in developing desktop applications. What are the things that I need to learn to start developing cloud applications. Also, is Java powerful for cloud applications or are there better options? My… Read Article → Want 25 gig of FREE Cloud Storage from Microsoft? Right now, Microsoft is offering 25 gig free Cloud Storage to anyone who goes t… Question by AubreyR: What is a free antivirus software that won’t download a virus to my computer? I need an antivirus software that is free to download and will allow me to protect my computer from viruses that doesn’t download a virus itself. Best answer: Answer by KhaledWell, a lot of applications can do that. AVG is the best example. Have a look at the link below.;narrow Or you… Read Article → We Guarantee to Beat any Quote from any IT Provider. its Free, Fast, no Obligation & easy to use.Try us now, … Question by Dagen: looking for a cloud storage solution that I can access via a mapped drive? does any one know about any service out there that offers cloud storage that can be accessed through mapping a shared drive on my local computer. I want to run an automated backup but it has to be able to save to a mapped share drive. I also don’t want to spend $ 1000.00… Read Article →

Take advantage of the power of the cloud computing in politics by accessing a FREE trail of Campaign Cloud powered by Microsoft . campaign cloud offers an al… Video Rating: 5 / 5 Question by Sloan: Why did the first browser wars occur? I know the facts of the first browser war, but what I don’t get is WHY it occurred. Once browsers became free-of-charge (fairly early in the game I think), what was microsoft/netscape’s incentive to pour money into this? I’ve been told it was because MS was afraid the web browser would become… Read Article → This is Part 3 of 5 videos on Cloud Computing and Microsoft Offerings. To view the rest of the videos for FREE, click here: bit.l… Question by Carmelo Anthony: Which is the best free antivirus currently out there? I have used AVG, Avast 5.0, Avira (the latest version), MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials), and Panda Cloud and well I dont know which one to pick. I already used all of them and I don’t know if there are any other options out there besides these. If there isn’t, well which one of these is the… Read Article →

Microsoft System Center 2012 Private Cloud based on CISCO-NetApp FlexPod Validated Architecture by ALANTEX. Video Rating: 5 / 5 Question by Andrew K: What kind of system restore should i use? I have an HP pc. Running on windows 7. I’m sure i have a Trojan so i want to restore my system. In hp recovery manager it gives me three options 1. drivers and applications reinstall: Reinstall drivers and/or applications 2. system recovery: Restore your computer to its original factory condition 3. Microsoft system restore( i don’t want to do this because the Trojan… Read Article →

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