Posts Tagged: iPhone A free To Join for super fast cloud storage – a state of the art storage system – that frees you up from being stuck be… Video Rating: 3 / 5 Question by carathon: Can I store pics on Google Drive without keeping a copy on my own hard drive? In other words, I want to take photos and store them online somewhere. I do not want them on my hard drive at all. They are not important photos. Actually they are snap shots of stock market charts. So you see they are not… Read Article →

Get it: YACReader is finally available for your iOS devices. Now you can take anywhere all the features that have ma… Video Rating: 5 / 5 Question by blonde beauty:): Nook vs. kindle? Pros and cons? I’m looking at a kindle fire vs. a nook tablet, which would be the better choice? Any experience with either? Best answer: Answer by accorn34The kindle fire is offering way more for your money then the color nook. You can get a good deal on it here: The color nook right now is more just reader centric… Read Article →

For more of Daphne’s zany antics, visit: Amazon’s cloud computing has become a sensation. It seems that currently only Androids and… Video Rating: 3 / 5 Question by Agent M: How much of an inconvenience is it that the Kindle Touch has no back lit screen? I want to get one, but I dont know how bothersome it would be. Its all fine and dandy that you can read it in the sun, but i do most of my reading indoors. Also how good is it for browsing the internet? This is a large… Read Article →

Amazon’s cloud computing has become a sensation. It seems that currently only Androids and Blackberry devices can seemlessly take advantage of the free 5 gig… Video Rating: 5 / 5 Find More Free Amazon Cloud Articles How to Amazon Cloud Drive Cloud Player on iPhone / iPad / iPad 2 / iPod Touch HD (Excerpts from A… Video Rating: 3 / 5 Question by Rick C: Since all things “in the cloud” are the future of online storage, will we be able to view files? Will we be able to watch a video that we have stored on an “in the cloud” online storage server? We can listen to mp3’s now through Amazon’s cloud storage. If they make cloud storage where we can actually view our stored files, whether… Read Article → Amazon Cloud Drive / Cloud Player on the iPad / iPad 2 / iPhone / iPod Touch HD What is Amazon Cloud Drive? Amazon Cloud… Question by notme: What is a good site online to keep my pictures until i can save them? The drivers on my laptop won’t work for sdhd card or memory stick. I have all my pics on my laptop and want to save them to a memory storage device but I can’t so I’m looking for a place online where I can upload them and then download them onto… Read Article →

Instapaper is a free cloud service to help save Web articles and links for later reader. The companion apps for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch make for eas… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Question by Stephanie: Replace my Kindle or buy a Kindle fire? I bought my husband while he was deployed a Kindle 3G wireless + WiFi e-reader. He loved it, but, when he came home, the screen busted during the trip. I called Amazon and of course, the Kindle is out of it’s one year warranty. They offered to replace the Kindle… Read Article →

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