– Startups – Instagram Video, NSA PRISM, MakerBot, FAB, John McAfee- TWiST News Roundtable

- Startups - Instagram Video, NSA PRISM, MakerBot, FAB, John McAfee- TWiST News Roundtable

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  1. *Excellent listen on start-up communities perspective on NSA leaks plus
    much more.*

  2. Yes, we scan …

  3. adding the topics to the title is a nice touch though.

  4. ciao

  5. Great guests, great topics, great show: 8.5/10.

  6. Waiting for the ee eee eee before I turn the sound back up.

  7. For the roundtable

  8. We are live!

  9. Great episode everyone! This time next year you’ll be talking about my App
    Flickin most secure and fastest way to flick an image, map website from a
    mobile device to another device (e.g. Phone to Tablet & Offline Mode
    w/Print). Looking forward to one day be on the Show. :). Or you might like
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  10. Kind of like commenting on YouTube

  11. add a ticker like amc movies video podcast!!!!

  12. TWIST is the perfect way to end the work week!

  13. I miss Ustream

  14. Jason might make pens in order to give away ‘JC’ pens.

  15. I agree

  16. Love the MailChimp segue

  17. I am not replacing my reader. I have not been back to my reader in at least
    a year.

  18. InstaSpam

  19. Kirin may be able to chime in on that!

  20. i may or may not be as productive while this is on haha

  21. I believe on Friday it is

  22. PRIVATE CAVE MAIL (no peekers, pleeez!) Caveman 1: Didja here we iz going
    tuh get ID’d by they GUV’s? Caveman 2: F*%k that! No way iz I gong to let
    they GUV m#%#$r f*%k^rs ID me! Caveman 1: Dito that s#!t. I’z a goona go
    tuh live in a non-citz. cave, so the GUV’s cain’t ID me, no way, no hoo.
    Caveman 2: Yeh, next u no, they GUV’s a goona yooz ID’s to legality mail us
    bills for roadz and de-fences and such. Caveman 1: I ain’t payin’! Caveman
    : Me nither. I’m gong to export meself to private-see.

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