Start To Finish xbmc setup! Free Tv ! XBMC mashup alternative replacement –

Start To Finish xbmc setup!     Free Tv !  XBMC mashup alternative replacement -

XBMC SETUP AND CONFIG: This is for educational purposes only of how xbmc works. Get all this Free-Tv programming from xbmc. Better than mashup or at least a tremendous replacement for it……
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  1. Same video but instructions to an even easier setup at this article i’ve
    just written:!XBMC-EASY-SET-UP-youll-get-to-use-mashup-1channel-icefilms-naviX-genesis-cliq-etc-Free-Tv/c1l5z/1
    in case anyone would like to check it out

  2. Hi thanks for your vid,new to xmbc, followed all your steps but when I
    click on the channel it says script failed ? Any ideas please

  3. You know you can Right Click and select all, then left click to deselect
    the repos. You don’t have to keep adding them repetitively. Just a heads

  4. i did everything what you do on the video, and everything is enbabled add
    on, and there’s none on video, programme etc wtf ?
    i tried to add on like, xavi etc but it doesnt display, but empty wtf ?

  5. CliQ is not working :(((

  6. Once I add on it adds a / to the end after
    naming. Then states could not retrieve directory…would you like to add it
    anyways…then it doesn’t work…any help?? Thanks

  7. Icefilms

  8. Dont install fusion it deletes all your other add ons

  9. Great video…. :-)

  10. can you help me. i was trying to make my live tv wrk and by mistake i
    uninstall it “PVR simple clients”. where can i find it pls help? Also if
    you can make a video with live tv on instalation. Other ppl have some here
    but you are very good at explaing. thank you..

  11. I’m new to all this. I’m learning from you all . Thank you for the
    instructions you provide. Can I ask you a question. I use to watch NFL
    rewind on mash up now that mash up is not here where can I see it?

  12. Or you can just run the hub wizard on tvaddons website that you get from
    fusion repo. This video would have only been 5 mins. :-)

  13. Thank you!! You have just saved my xbmc life lol

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