Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser

Get your first look at Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the new 88-second teaser. Episode VII in the Star Wars Saga, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, opens in th…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. “This will be a day long remembered.”
    Watch it again (and again): the official Star Wars: #TheForceAwakens

  2. even in Star Wars, blacks be running from the police…

  3. My fellow Star Wars fans — you *never* fail to disappoint. You are the
    whiniest, most entitled, most petty fanbase I’ve ever seen. If all you can
    do after seeing this trailer is bitch and moan, then you consider
    yourselves “fans” for all of the wrong reasons.

  4. Lightsaber ruined it…. Stupid design doesn’t look practical at all.
    Otherwise, fucking awesome trailer!

  5. I will be camping out for this one. Who’s with me? 

  6. I already stated my complaints about the falcon scene, how J. J. should
    have left well enough alone and let the work of his CG animators stand, but
    no, he had to go and add a worthless spin that disorients and enforces
    balls-to-the-wall action and doesn’t allow us to take in the scene.

    Yes, just like the Star Trek movies, J. J. is going to rehash crap. Let’s
    look at what he has already rehashed in the trailer: a lead character in a
    stormtrooper outfit, Tatooine, Lucas’s meaningless digital inserts and
    silly droids that serve no purpose but a cheap giggle…maybe, (The one in
    the trailer, rolling on the ball, just made me roll my eyes and put my hand
    over them in shame.)

    Cool scene with the X-wings. Wanna bet they’re approaching a massive
    weapons or shield array or an ultra-sized AT-AT? On Kashyyyk? Wanna bet the
    stormtroopers are landing on Camino?

    What about the new Sith sword? Isn’t it exciting? Is it that Sith are
    smarter than Jedi and finally put a guard on their sword? Or does this Sith
    suck so bad that he can’t carry on a sword fight without training wheels?
    Let me tell you something. A guard would not have protected Darth Vader
    from that awesome three-limb sweep by Obi-Wan. You know who the dark jedi
    there reminded me of? Darth Vader? No. Palpatine? No. Count Dooku? No. One
    more guess…You got it! The one from that Star Wars movie that made us all
    slap our foreheads in a single thunderous smack.

    Oh, and guess where he got the name for the movie? Was it an original
    thought? Did he say “check to make sure no one else has used it?” Actually,
    he more likely said, “Let me check the internet for any cool Star Wars
    homemade video names.”

    I hope he also got the story elements from online, because if he rehashes
    scenes from the old movies by cutting and pasting characters or whole
    scenes, or borrowing from other old movies, like he did with the Star Trek
    movies…well…I’ll just say “I told you so” to the millions of fans out
    there and to all my friends.

    J. J. Abrams is the biggest movie hack ever and I can’t wait until
    everybody finally figures it out. But somehow, I think the fanboys are
    going to shoot their loads over a nonsensical story because of all the
    action instead of stop for a moment and realize that they have seen every
    scene of the new movie before and its plot is actually meaningless. Oh, but
    then they’ll say, “Yeah, but this and that scene wasn’t rehashed,
    therefore, the movie was AWESOME!!!!!” One thing observing human nature has
    taught me is that most people will almost always blind themselves to the
    truth than admit they’re wrong. There is just something horribly terrifying
    about being wrong.

    Here’s one prediction I will stand by. The next three movies will not only
    ignore all previous EU, but will be exactly like an EU story.

  7. That shot of the Falcon was awesome.

  8. All of these negative comments about the black stormtrooper are ridiculous.
    There were black characters in the original films for god’s sake. Darth
    Vader, for example.

  9. Da ist er, der erste Trailer zu *Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens*.
    Zuletzt waren die „neuen“ Teile eher eine Farce statt ein echtes
    Star-Wars-Prequel. Nun aber gibt es endlich die ersten Bilder.

    Und was sehen wir? Alte Raumschiffe mit neuer Technik von heute. Spannend,
    schön, wunderbar, episch und alles, was mir sonst noch einfällt. Wenn dann
    noch die Story stimmt, bin ich begeistert.

    Werdet ihr ins Kino gehen, oder hatte George Lucas die zuletzt alles

    #starwars #trailer #starwarsvii 

  10. In America every movie needs a black guy. 

  11. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer


  12. The CGI for the Millennium Falcon looks pretty darn AWFUL. Everything else
    looks really incredible! I can see too much CG with the ships… I’m
    disappointed with that. They look worse than the original trilogy. Looks
    too much like a videogame cutscene.
    If I’m to be 100% neutral, I have no idea what to make of this right now,
    but the truth is that production just ended, so so a short trailer is to be

  13. I haven’t been this excited about a movie since I was a kid! It looks so
    amazing, such promise. There’s so much manic energy and excitement,
    something those (nonexistent, non-canon) prequels lacked.

  14. “This will be a day long remembered.”
    Watch it again (and again): the official Star Wars: #TheForceAwakens

  15. *”Die Macht stark in ihm ist … oder doch eher schlaff?”* Der erste Teaser
    zum neuen Star Wars ist da. (vza) #starwars #theforceawakens 

  16. Ah hell yes. When can I start lining up for December 2015 release of *Star
    Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens*? #starwars #starwarsepisodevii 

  17. Couldn’t people besides clones join the army? Thus explaining why a black
    man is in the republic army.

  18. The whole trailer felt like it was done by an amateur.

    1. Random bewildered black guy pop up for jump scare.

    2. Ball droid….??

    3. Some of the ships look like they were taken from old footage.

    4. The voice over was very overdone. It just sounded amateurish. The guy
    was trying way to hard to sound cool; especially at the end. “The
    DAAAKSIDE… and the ligHTT” 

  19. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser
    Published on 2014/11/28
    Official Site:

    #starwars #officialteaser 

  20. So I’m actually not that blown away. I mean, if you can say that, I think
    it’s fair to say you weren’t blown away at all. This looks… fine. Not

    Not getting me excited yet. It’s not like I won’t see it, but they’re going
    to have to do more than a couple of cuts, a single red lightsaber, and a
    swoop of a Milennium Falcon/TIE Fighter engagement to get me pumped. What’s
    an “awakening”? Why does Andy Serkis care? Do I care?

    Tell a story with your teasers, kids. Otherwise they are just space porn.
    I’m not so easily impressed as I once was.

    EDIT for those who are having a hard time with my lack of patience for lack
    of storytelling and don’t read comments:

    “Tease”. I get it. But tease something that gets me invested, not just the
    space equivalent of T&A. Give me something to work with.

    I don’t need the whole plotline or even the point of the movie. But where’s
    the drama in what they’re showing thus far? A spooky voice? Meh.

    A good storyteller can do it in six words. I think they have enough time
    in a teaser to at least try.


  21. YEAH!! We’re back, baby!!

  22. Man there’s a lot of buzzkill in the comments. All of these complaints are
    just flat out stupid.
    So you think the lightsaber looks stupid or unrealistic? It’s a freaking
    sword made of lasers! They’ve always been stupid and unrealistic so why
    does it matter now? Star Wars practically invented the silly popcorn film
    trend, it’s never been a work of art or some deep, emotional story. It’s
    just an excuse for cool space battles and laser fights.
    Honestly, Star Wars has already hit it’s lowest point with Phantom Menace.
    And now that the George Lucas can’t leave his fingerprints all over the
    franchise anymore, it can only go uphill.

  23. Welcome to the Star Wars Episode 7 comment section! Make your choice of
    your kind of comment.

    A. A rational opinion that you calmly explain why you like/dislike this
    B. A racist joke about the black Stormtrooper.
    C. Hateful statements about how you think Disney will ruin Star Wars.
    D. Whining and moaning about the new crossguard lightsaber.


  24. Get a first look at Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, coming to the
    cinema December 2015

  25. Mmmm, you know that the Black Storm trooper WILL BE THE MAIN CHARACTER
    RIGHT?? Are you gonna cry now?? pff…so many butthurts and racist people
    in the world….

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