SPARSH – Touch to Copy, Touch to Paste

SPARSH - Touch to Copy, Touch to Paste

SPARSH (स्पर्श) lets you conceptually transfer media from one digital device to your body and pass it to the other digital device by simple touch gestures. O…
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  1. How do I get this?!

  2. Cloud computing needs a media so how is he using his fingers or how is the
    fingers acting here?

  3. Bravo, My iphones finally got a way to Data transfer!

  4. how or where do i get this?

  5. okey how does this work

  6. and if you don’t have a touchscreen?

  7. @utubedotcom99 it might be easy to tell , but it should be in action and
    should be creative

  8. Can any one Pls tell me a Place to Download this Pleeeeeeaaase !!

  9. very intuitive! many times a see a text on computer screen… n wonder how
    do I copy to my phone… simple yet effective!

  10. RoFL… dude its cloud computing…

  11. It’s been 3 years and I still can’t download it…

  12. Bullshit?

  13. How is the data transferring through the finger??? Does the finger-tip has
    any sensor attached?

  14. I guess this works by profiling users by their finger prints

  15. i love the song you have down but pretty neat !!!!!

  16. You sir, are a genius.

  17. is this a touchscreen laptop ?

  18. What music is this?

  19. I don’t really understand the fuss, it doesn’t seem to do anything new…
    unless I’m missing the point. Copy to cloud, copy from cloud.

  20. lol this is just a crappy fake!

  21. The transferrate cannot be especially high if it takes more than 5 seconds
    to transfer a 10digit number! You might wanna speed that up if you want to
    make this reality!

  22. This will change the world as we know it. Absolutely mind blowing.

  23. Pranav is superb…if u think it is simple ..why didn’t u have the idea
    before ….salaam to those who think it’s it’s good

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