Socha Na Tha

Socha Na Tha

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Loved the movie but the ending wasn’t that nice 

  2. fantastic awesome mvie ….. watched ever 

  3. nice movie, song, O yara rab rus jaane de, wow….

  4. Kabhi dil ke kareeb, aye mere nasseb,yu aayenge socha na tha

  5. I like this movie alot specially song soocha na that..

  6. I loved this movie, Watched it more than ten times..!!!

  7. God! The starting song is terrible

  8. Poor Karen!!

  9. nice movie

  10. Kya chutiya movie hai ! sala aj kal aisa hota hai kya ? 

  11. Varun dad awesome

  12. I think jawani hai deewani was inspired by this movie

  13. She loved him at the end
    Sachi mein ❤️

  14. damnn…what did u make shimit amin…..i cudnt even finish it

  15. Love this movie
    How can people not like it. ;(

  16. No wonder this being a good movie. After all it’s first movie by Mr. Imtiaz
    Ali, who afterwards went ahead to make such good movies like Jab We Met and
    Highway, recently. This is my favourite movie too, though wish it had nice
    music. The only good song is wasted on end credits !!

  17. Amazing movie….:-) thanks for uploading

  18. one of my favourite movies………..

  19. Love this movie but I couldn’t find it in english subtitles. I saw this
    movie on tv that they talked in our language. I loved it alot. I want to
    watch it again and again.

  20. What a weird movie :O

  21. very nice movie I WILL MERRY THESE TYPE OF GIRL

  22. Nice movie

  23. great movie!

  24. nice movie

  25. Loved the movie. Funny, loved the suspense, apart from the usual type of
    movie, refreshing. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Well done all concerned

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