Savvy Bear – a free online game for kids!

Savvy Bear - a free online game for kids!

Savvy Bear is a free online game for kids. This is our Ireland & UK TV ad.
Video Rating: 3 / 5


  1. Nobody would play this. Im 12 and my sis is 6. She says this looks lame.
    That coming from a 6 year old which is supposedly your target audience is
    sad. And gave us both nightmares


  3. Brilliant

  4. oh wow that is some fresh and silly advert.

  5. Saville bear :P

  6. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!

  7. They say this is for kids but this is flipping scary. This ad scared my
    sister. But this is quite funny aswell.

  8. freaky there the bear in myhouse i went to sleep got nightmares

  9. Not even my sister would play this game.

  10. the animations took you 5 seconds

  11. Brill educational product

  12. yeah but thy are upgrading it and almost you cannot firend

  13. great new game

  14. Lol lol lol So FUNNY

  15. This gives me nightmares…

  16. Just your like ur ma

  17. @TheSavvyBear it sucks so bad ok sucks so bad so bad

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