Ramayya Vasthavayya

Ramayya Vasthavayya

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. I’m French and I really enjoyed this movie (I watched it with english subs
    as I don’t understand telugu) even though this is not normally my type of
    I liked the story, the acting, some moments were truly funny and the
    songs/picturizations were awesome! :D

  2. E movie bag undhi and pichhi na ko la nu hospital lo join cheyali.

  3. Plz…Hindi Upload…..This Movie….

  4. if i say it is flop then a small fight might take place over here … so i
    have decided not to reveal … lol
    mokka padam …

  5. Wat a energitic star NTR #Acting , # Dances # everywhere in
    screenpresense!!! he is the best #Actor and #Dancer on present
    generation!!! #NTR #Rocksss

  6. If i do tis kind of police will arest right example only but i want தோ kill
    some person

  7. I wish that they had Ramayya Vasthavayya hindi dubbed the one with ntr
    junior i tried looking for it in hindi dubbed but no luck will hope u guys
    enjoyed the movie in telugu by now.

  8. Hindi dubbed please!!

  9. Good moviee. NTR is looking Good.

  10. hindi me plz upload movie

  11. Sick n tired of seeing Samantha.

  12. Hindi dubbed plzzzzzz

  13. disguisting mvee

  14. Please hindi me to upload karo

  15. I think this movie is very good. But why you are not make Hindi dubbed.
    Please make 

  16. kabi hindi may upload hoga sir…….ya movie

  17. Payru ki Telugu Cinema paatala….kaani endhukaa mleccha Hindi
    padamaulu?Endhuko manamu Hindiollavi nakali?Hindiollu mana Telugu bhasha
    walla patalu peduthunnara?Ledhu.Atunainacho manamu endhuko mana bhasha
    takuva chesi chudaali……Telugu bhasha ni kapadudham randi.Telugu
    mataladeydapudu Telugu loney mataluadadham.Anglamu,Hindi,Samskrutamu Telugu
    lo kalapavadhu.Tamilulu ni chudandi valla bhasha kuda mana bhasha lage
    digajaruthondi kaani Tamililu ki Tamizh paiyina entho mamkaram
    undhi.Teluguvaada Kallu Theravara!

  18. suthhi cinema…………
    mothamm kangaru vadu……………………………..

  19. What’s the name of the song in 1:53:27??
    I don’t understand Telugu but I think it’s a good song 

  20. Exlent movie

  21. Check out this video on YouTube:

  22. Hello,
    Happy days

  23. me phim an do roi

  24. I don’t understand why this movie not dubbed in hindi still now

  25. plz somebody upload this movie hindi dubbed..

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