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Question by Jeremy F: Can you really make money from those online surveys?

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Answer by sexy sam
NO!!!!! don’t fall predator to those scams. i paid for one, and they ripped off. i demanded my money back. they are too good to be true

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  1. Absolutely. I have. It’s not enough to money to live on or anything like that, though. I usually get $ 10-20 every six months or so. Plus I’ve gotten free one-year subscriptions to Home magazine and Family Circle that way, too. And once I got a really nice set of two-way radios.

    I don’t know what other people are talking about when they said that they paid the survey places. The ones I’ve joined were free, and they are valid companies. The links are below.

  2. No! Trust me I tried.

  3. Not enough to give away your info and be victimized by identity theft.

  4. No but you can be entered in some prize drawings that may be money.

  5. It’s not worth your time. I think you can make more money by either playing Project Entropia or Second Life.

  6. The only legitimate one I have done is Harris Poll which is They will send you surveys by e-mail for points which can be redeemed for gift cards, and other cool items. I have made about $ 100 doing surveys for about 2 years just on the side like 1 a month or so. They aren’t hard and for every survey you do you have a chance to win $ 10,000.

  7. You might get free samples (magazines, a diaper, etc.) from the corporations that hire the survey outfits, but don’t expect any money.

  8. NO, NO, and NO again, they are a endless circle of madness and half the time, they want you to purchase something. Most don’t pay you money but enter you into cash drawings for filling them out. Now if you’re a really lucky person who’s won the lottery a couple of times hey go for it, but I have already wasted my time. Hopefully I can keep you from wasting yours. especially don’t pay to join any of them. You can get on a list to participate with out ever paying for the services of a referral thing. But I can tell you DON”T DO IT!!!!!!!!! You’ll go crazy, really.

  9. YES! I found a site that actually pays you! It’s not much, but i just recieved my first check for $ 10.00 today! All you have to do is take short surveys over a period of time and once you get enough points, you can either enter a raffle or redeem your cash!

  10. Occasionally, but you usually get hurt more than helped if you try it.

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