Power Soccer- One Of The Best Online Soccer games

Power Soccer- One Of The Best Online Soccer games

This soccer game is 3d and online! Heres The Link: powerfootball.miniclip.com/ Try it out its fun Ignore this:soccer ownage greatest game miniclips fi…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. Urggh, these team, when they have the ball they run directly to the goal,
    they forget one thing about soccer, soccer is not only about scoring, its
    pace, passing, strategies, strength, tactics, proper defense and more…
    And thats what these team dont have. The case that they score is bad
    defense classification of his both opponent and undeveloped passing
    strategies. And as a 14 Year old like me they should think before the

  2. @lucky9star123 you dont have to download just a plug-in setup download.

  3. u fucked up on the song its soccer domeass

  4. im on level 23

  5. this is not the lattest…and he doesnt pass alot he is so selfplay

  6. this game always laggs

  7. Hard to see the Power Soccer game uploaded in 2011 ‘cuz of they changed the
    game alot, you need to be a Club Member to play. And weird but it still
    hold the record as the best Online 3D soccer game.

  8. العبة غبيا

  9. the guys hair came off at 2:17

  10. ugh hate how u have to pay

  11. @hoodreal1 really, u did it becuz u liked the “dong”

  12. They ruined the game… now you need to be a club member to do anything…

  13. it was a good game until they took the option to play for lvl 50 without
    buy membership

  14. is the game this fast? or is it sped up?

  15. How do i make an account to play online? somebody help

  16. he thinks he can dribble but he cant :D:D:D

  17. @pajito95 it is free, but if you want to be a member you have to pay but
    you can sign up and play. i played it and it is kind of fun.

  18. 92% wins out of 49. “pomonagawd69” im fairly new, but if u can request a
    match do it, cuz i will pwn u so hard

  19. @dannyclub09 well u have to play after u have no choice or play aganist

  20. i am lv 99

  21. @hoodreal1 ding dong you got it wrong

  22. mousers play..mouse=noobs

  23. i play the game and in every match for some reason he lags and it sais in a
    box some stupid things.and then i cant play

  24. @lucky9star123 2 secs XD

  25. speed hack???

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