Power Of The Cloud Is Back B@tch/METRO REDUX 1080p PS4 912p Xbox WTF

Power Of The Cloud Is Back B@tch/METRO REDUX 1080p PS4 912p Xbox WTF

Link 1stop4gamers.info/blog/metro-redux-vs-digital-foundry/ LInk 2 1stop4gamers.info/blog/power-of-the-cloud-microsoft-at-gamescom-2014-halo-id…
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  1. Power Of The Cloud Is Back B@tch/METRO REDUX 1080p PS4 912p Xbox WTF

  2. Power Of The Cloud Is Back B@tch/METRO REDUX 1080p PS4 912p Xbox WTF

  3. Power Of The Cloud Is Back B@tch/METRO REDUX 1080p PS4 912p Xbox WTF

  4. +1Stop4Gamers You never played titanfall have you? There’s a reason there
    stupid in multiplayer. Go turn their AI up in a private match(yes it still
    uses dedicated servers and cloud computing) they’ll give you a fight..

    But all this shit talking you’re doing. And it’s for games that aren’t out
    yet. Then the metro thing isn’t for cloud rendering(most ppl’s internet
    isn’t ready for that, look at ps now for an example). It’s for AI. And what
    it does is takes the load of the system CPU, so it can calculate other

    Go do some research on cloud computing and rendering. Not saying for xbox
    one but in general. You might actually sound knowledgeable next time you
    try and slam something on the matter.

  5. cheat on u at the beginning…if you are using common sense on the xbox
    one, then why do you have one? They pissed me off so bad I refuse to get
    one no matter what….they lie, cheat, deceive….what can u expect…how
    can you forgive them?

  6. I said it before PS4 has the better multiplats. Xbots think its last gen
    when 360 had better multiplats that ship has sailed

  7. I’m strongly considering replacing my Xbox One with a PS4. I mean last gen
    the 360 came out on top since it was

    easier to develop for even if it was a bit weaker… The One is weaker AND
    harder to develop for and it shows. The exclusives are good on both sides
    but not a big enough difference to sway one way or another since there are
    games on both sides I’m interested in so i will probably go with the one
    with the best multiplats since they are about 80% of what I’m gonna play.

  8. Is this some kind of record? I meant 912p is a first for consoles right?

  9. Did you hear ?you can’t cant play any new ea demos less you have ea access
    . I really don’t fuck with no sports games ,but it’s a shit move 

  10. What fucking kind of number is that? 912p? God damn. Want to know something
    funny? I just WON an xbox one through a promotion at an electrical
    retailer, lol. Have absolutely no interest in any games for it tho at the
    moment. What should I do Dread? Is it worth keeping for the near future or
    shall I cash that motherfucker in?

  11. Dude wat frame rate drop it only drop to 59fps u sony fanboy 

  12. PS4 FTW lol haha fuck a X-Twat & the Crapbox 1

  13. I was going to get an Xbox for halo but now I’m having second thoughts.





    “B-B-Buh muh 1080P’s 60FPS mr master race”






  15. I’ll keep it 100 with you this generation as a whole is Crap. Their still
    isn’t anything I have seen that warrants me buying a ps4 or x1. I know
    these ps4 supporters will start bringing out lists of what’s coming out you
    can’t play a list. I don’t believe shit this generation till it’s out in
    stores. So many games was supposed to be out already. Really dread where
    are the games that I’m supposed to make the leap off of my ps3 and 360 for?

  16. C what u don’t see 1stop…..wit kinect not being included…..dx12
    support…….The cloud. …it allowed xbox one to upgrade performance from
    900p….to 912p…………thanks Microsoft

  17. Wake up early to watch the Gamescom Press Conference.

  18. When all those pictures popped up about the cheating i started laughing.
    The icon covering up the guys face and the dildo was so funny. I know it
    wasn’t intent but it gave me a little chuckle. 

  19. We’re hard8 at ? That shit funny to meeeeeee lmao ! 912 p nicca lololol

  20. The ai in titanfall was smart enough to own nxtgen ;D

  21. 912p?????? HAHAHAHA and we have retards saying xbox one could play in 4k

  22. I usually agree with you my nigga but to be honest you can’t say the winner
    of this gen when we ain’t even a year into it yet

    Well I agree Xbox has fucked up alot of shit early on this gen,if you see
    them pull off the steam deal then within a month after its released you
    will see xbone making up ground………..probably won’t tie the ps4 but it
    will sell better then xbone does now tbh

  23. Like Sony said when they were making the Ps4 they asked every gaming
    developer what do they want in the Ps4 and Sony listened that’s why Ps4 has
    better graphics and it’s a developers console, XBONE isn’t.

  24. Share and tweet thanks guys

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