Paranga Adding Tactile Feedback to E-Reader Devices #DigInfo

Paranga Adding Tactile Feedback to E-Reader Devices  <a href='' />#DigInfo</a>

DigInfo TV – 11/3/2011 Osaka University Paranga.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. que pelotudes

  2. @TheLifePerfect You are just another retarded kiddo online trying to troll.
    Go play with your marbles.

  3. @TheMeanEYE I do agree although its the fact that this will never have a
    practical use in advanced technology. Creativity is good though.

  4. this made me laugh.

  5. this isn’t so stupid, i can see it being useful for those who have a hard
    time using their thumbs due to a disability, for those who have bad
    Arthritis, if that’s 1 thing i LOVE about Japan is they build stuff that
    can actually help people, like it’s made FOR them and if the rest of the
    world actually built things to help people live life better, then it would
    certainly be a safer and more enjoyable world.

  6. 大学生が考えたアイデアをアホとか言ってる外人は何様なんだよ。

  7. i was thinking of how to do this. but so it’s an actual page you can flip,
    and i’ts not actullay this big and ugly. but i cant figure it out. it’s
    hard. e books Will* have this eventually

  8. My dad has hundreds of books in the house so we got him a kindle… I don’t
    think he misses that “feel” of turning pages like a magazine.

  9. very creative

  10. @Isanion yap (: but first I have to invent thin flexible e-ink page (: But
    unfortunately I’m not to smart for it! 😀 😀

  11. Buy an Amazon Kindle if you only want the screen or buy a REAL book if you
    want to turn pages manually!! Waste of time, so unnecessary!

  12. @o0zeroh0o INTERACTION 2011 this is a convencion for creative gadgets where
    you can interact with technology, those are not stuff to sell to the mass.
    Its only a bunch of student projects

  13. I thought japan had awesome technology that could blow you off the face of
    the earth at the press of a button but then I started watching this channel
    and realized, the technology that japan is coming out with is crap. What
    possible practical use will this ever have? The whole point of an e-book is
    to be compact and light… attach this thing and you might as well have
    saved yourself the money and bought an actual book. This, along with 90% of
    these inventions are absolutely useless.

  14. The device seems useless but the flip page animation was cool.

  15. Why not just read a book?

  16. japanese nation had a great potential in term of technologie, but why they
    always make stupid think like that?? why i just don’t have a car who run
    with fuck*** simply electricity in 2011?! deh! they can make something more
    USEFULL!!!! so bring me my car yao ming!

  17. @Spetznaz OH! that makes so much more sense. Thank you


  19. @o0zeroh0o tiz cool man :)

  20. INTERACTION 2011

  21. I guess today’s useless invention is tomorrows breakthrough electronic

  22. Must , , , resist , , , urge, ,, Ahhhh,

  23. that has to be the most useless thing i have ever seen

  24. i guess its interesting that they consider all aspects related to the
    pleasure of reading a book

  25. @Yiyas He surely will miss it!

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