Pandemic Preparedness FREE Online How-To Course: Episode 17

Pandemic Preparedness FREE Online How-To Course: Episode 17

The Ebola cover-up and suppression of epidemiological science.
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  1. Thanks again, Mike. You’re absolutely right, if they can’t patent and sell
    it they don’t want to discuss it. They don’t care if we die. I believe it
    is time for things to change.

  2. (URGENT Message) From “Sicphephics” on the Pseudo Pandemic

  3. This is a great point – that the quarantine period for most people exposed
    to a contagious disease is the incubation period of the disease.

    What I’m concerned about though is a scenario where a pandemic develops,
    and authorities compel people to take vaccinations. During this situation,
    authorities can mandate that people get vaccines, but people can refuse
    these vaccines based on a religious or medical exemption. When people
    refuse these vaccinations, the authorities can compel them to be either
    isolated or quarantined. This isolation or quarantine must be in the least
    restrictive means possible – i.e., the health department is supposed to
    give a vaccine-refuser the option to self-isolate at home. My question is,
    what will be the quarantine/isolation period for persons who refuse
    vaccination in this situation? Will it also be 21 days if that’s the
    incubation period for the disease?? Or will the isolation period be as long
    as a disease-wave lasts? In other words, how long should someone prepare
    once they see governments stockpiling vaccinations for a particular
    pandemic? See Sections 603 and 604 of the model emergency pandemic health

  4. #Sierra Leone Government Announces Official Ebola Therapy: Nano Silver 10
    PPM# Please share with everyone you know..Great news, the Devil has loss
    again, after weeks of American FDA denying Africans Ebola Natural remedy
    God has opened the eyes of Sierra Leone officials to use common sense. ”
    God will continue to guild and protect you Rima E. Laibow, M.D.”

  5. Thanks for this update. Am sharing as widely as possible.

  6. I appreciate your faith that the CDC and the WHO and Osama and the rest,
    really want to stop this. They don’t. They have been doing everything to
    further this as they have an agenda and unfortunately it is not to save the
    “worthless eaters” as they see us. The news now is reporting that the WHO
    is saying “ooops” we bad. We made big boo boos. Again I really love your
    belief in these people but it is clear they don’t want what you are
    suggesting. They have their vaccinations already and I would not recommend
    to anyone to take one. Most of this whole Ebola thing is a “false flag”
    fear mongering agenda. Depopulation – NWO – Age of Reason LOL. Well so they
    think. God bless

  7. Mike…. How come you are not on the panel to give them your own input??
    Or go on TV and question or explain?? I was watching TV yesterday with
    some doctors and congress ….and none of them seeming to know what the “H”
    they are doing. And I heard about the Texas Hospital not having correct
    covering to completely cover the nurses from head to toe. Take about being
    stupid! Geeez.

  8. couldn’t find the paper you refer to.

  9. Please tell the world that American #CDCand FDA has refuse Nano or
    colloidal Silver to help health workers and Ebola victims… 

  10. For some reason I am not interested in reading The Stand right now.
    Bill Gates, and the CDC have patent on it correct? You could say they saw
    it many are in peril, thanks for your advice, and information..

  11. Bless you and thank you for doing this. I pray for your safety because
    there are no end to what the pharma industy will do to keep their money and

  12. +TheHealthRanger 2% Are virus carrier without symptoms, they can infect
    others without getting sick

  13. Are they going to use this pandemic to get us afraid to use our cash? 

  14. What happened to the Crucell Vaccine for Ebola? It was tested and approved
    eight years ago! TNX for the video!

  15. A Way To Stop Ebola Discovered!

  16. Excellent Course Mike. Thanks to you, I talked my daughter into postponing
    her EMT training. However, her fiance’ is a fireman. So it may not

  17. of course this video is not being seen enough times yet. This is a serious

  18. Thanks Mate 😉 Really appreciate the series! Hopefully common sense will
    DMC (Australia)

  19. The Ebola cover-up and suppression of epidemiological science

  20. I agree one hundred percent!

  21. Thank you Health Ranger!!


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