New Girl – Season 1 Promo (Pilot)

New Girl - Season 1 Promo (Pilot)

Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. This Tv show is not that bad, but this “Jess” character is so immature,
    irritating and not funny . My head starts to hurt every time she speaks.
    Other characters are Ok, especially Schmidt.

  2. one of the best shows ive seen in years :)

  3. That’s inappropriate

  4. Gotta watch this show…like NOW!

  5. Zooey deschannel lol

  6. Worse show ever,it’s like comedy sitcom with no comedy and just sitting…
    Shame cos she is cute,but ffs not in this!Wouldn’t be surprised if it kills
    her career.

  7. JcomgJc, i hate you but you are not totally wrong so…

  8. Whos that girl? Fat legs girl…

  9. Same Old Girl is what this sorry ass show should’ve been called.

  10. The place has three single guy’s and the place is clean? what kind of weird
    shit is that?

  11. She’s a horrible actress, she only gets the roles because she is pretty. (
    It’s okay, you can all hate on me now)……….

  12. wow

  13. Tf??

  14. Nick is the man.

  15. where can i find all the episodes of new girl? please tell me! :'( 

  16. You can find it on tubeplus
    Its free and you can watch almost any movie or show 

  17. ok I wanna see this hahaha ! is this a serie or what

  18. Do you like the comment is it huh?

  19. ajajaja, como no acordarme de esos cap.

  20. Huh The New Girl Season 1 Promo (Pilot) to CaratCanada 37 videos you made
    are I will known?

  21. a good series i recommend

  22. A series which central theme is sex. Since sex is the end all and be all of
    our miserable existences, I suppose.

  23. Beach chajjs whant yales dog no spañis yes puto inglis que no entiendo
    spañis yes ifiotas

  24. *New Girl*

    Jess zieht in eine 3er-WG zu den Single-Jungs Nick Miller, Schmidt und
    Coach (später Winston Bishop) – sehr witzig! Zooey Deschanel kommt Euch
    bekannt vor? Ist die Schwester von Emily Deschanel (=alias Dr. Temperance
    „Bones“ Brennan)

    #Deschanel #Bones #NewGirl 

  25. Chi segue New Girl ?

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