Neighbors Official Trailer #3 (2014) – Zac Efron, Seth Rogen Movie HD

Neighbors Official Trailer  <a href='' />#3</a> (2014) - Zac Efron, Seth Rogen Movie HD

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. this movie is a crap and i havsaugievasahd

  2. honestly. Efron looks pretty old in his movie

  3. Is Seth Rogen still alive after this?

  4. Was it just me, or did the black guy in the movie thats in the frat remind
    you of Tyler, the Creator?

  5. Good movie! We’re never desappointed with Seth Rogen!

  6. I thought the movie was really funny! Just watched it today. Although I
    thought a good funny ending would have been if a Sorority was moving in
    next door lol xD

  7. I don’t have seen the movie but i think, the trailer is cooler then the
    whole movie… So i don’t gonna watch it.

  8. This movie is so freaken funny and Awesome! but the director is a bit lazy
    like there is just some really random scenes that don’t haft anything to do
    with the movie

  9. This movie was terrible

  10. puting 1:38 scene into the trailer lool nice job am gonna watch it

  11. “from the guys who brought you This Is The End” umm.. no thanks that movie
    sucked in every way possible ! If people find these movies funny they are
    either retards or retards! I’m 99% sure that the best parts of this crap
    comedy are in the the trailer and when you gonna see it you will be like
    “meh”. I hope people don’t fall for these shit comedies anymore and start
    watching something worth it!

  12. whenever i see in the movie Seth Rogen, Zach Galifianakis, Owen Wilson or
    Adam Sandler, it means that the movies is gonna be bad!

  13. Ilike Seth Rogen…but why in movies does it seem like they pair a not so
    good looking guy with a really pretty woman. 

  14. Your upsetting jinxy cat.

  15. Just watch this.. The movie was okay and its freaking hilarious

  16. I jusy watched it on DVD and I quite liked it. The party scenes are very

  17. This movie was hilarious! People who don’t like it properly have something
    against Zac Efron, ya know, like him being in every girls’ lockers when he
    was much younger. Truth is, he’s a great actor! And if you criticize this
    movie, calling it shit, you either hate Zac Efron, Or You Think You’re A
    real movie critic, but in reality you live a sad life wishing someone
    valued your opinion. 

  18. Yeah im pretty sure ive seen this movie like i remember all of it but im
    not sure where i saw it. Its strange i cant remember seeing it at all but i
    remember the actual movie. I see people talking how the trailers had all
    the funny parts well yeah thats what trailers are. It was still a good
    movie though

  19. Sooo what i’m getting from everyone is that all of the funny scenes are
    right here in the trailers? Regardless, I might drop the $12 to see it.
    Give my friends and I something to do.

    Besides, Seth Rogan is the man

  20. in 1.34 to 1.38 in slow motion . WTF

  21. the end of days…and then this.. all terrible.

  22. This movie will make you wish you had a time machine so you could go back
    to the moment you chose to watch this crap and chose another movie, or
    perhaps just sticking your finger in a blender, as that would be better
    (and funnier)


  24. this was torture… I cant believe they still make movies like this…
    anyone with half a brain beware… I could have gone to the toilet and shat
    a better film than this s**t

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