MS Claims That Cloud Computing Can Provide Power Of 3 Xbox Ones

MS Claims That Cloud Computing Can Provide Power Of 3 Xbox Ones

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  1. PR fluff! This shit can never be backed up you would need a gigabit
    Internet speed to your Xbox One and not many people have that kind of

  2. r any games even running on or using the cloud service cuz whn i see
    mircosoft all i hear is cloud the cloud cloud and think of the sky

  3. Shitbox One nothing but claims and broken promises….

  4. People just afraid of Xbox so you will always have your doubters. But, DX
    12 was Microsoft ‘s secret weapon all along

  5. Goddamn it again, why can’t they be like Phil Spencer and say they fucked
    up, atleast if you admit it people will start to slowly acknowledge that
    you are aware of your bullshit, until this cloud computing shit is proven
    at an event like E3 or whatever it will just look like a motherfuckin
    excuse everytime you have to defend xbox one with it, same with dx12, now
    that might actually be true because they showed it on pc, but if they can
    integrate it on xbox one thats great news

  6. this is fucking atrocious. MS im done man….ya’ll are wilding out over
    there huh?

    MS is like that one dumb-ass kid in the back of your algebra 3 class of
    high-school that wouldn’t shut up boasting about his life when everyone
    knows hes full of shit and his life sucks.

  7. Sooo what happens when they dont have internet? Just gonna be an xbox one

  8. itll be more powerful than #COLAPES 

  9. Unless fiber optic internet become standard, cloud computing is a pipe

  10. The cloud is going a beast,makes abox one a maxed out high end gaming
    gaming pc…beast mode.Uncle Microsoft does it again.

  11. Personally if Microsoft can prove that the Xbox One will be that powerful
    then it will be good for XSbox One users. If they keep spouting off this
    cloud stuff but they don’t show off some high end graphic intensive game
    running on the cloud then I call BS.

  12. Xboxone will take over. PS4 fans are scared of that cause of how shit PS3
    was. Japan know Microsoft is better than Sony.

  13. クソワロタwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  14. Xbox one sucks and so does the cloud

  15. Watch em charge for the power of the you time sharing a

  16. It may be possible, we just have to see the way the will use their Azure
    Cloud Computing services, are they going to use it only for AI, and physics
    like Titanfall, or are they going to render the complete game via cloud and
    the xbone will only stream the game.

    Steam In-Home Streaming is a good example of what the so called “Power of
    the Cloud” is capable of.

  17. WTF are you talking about the XB1 is doing pretty fucking good. Over double
    the 360 at the same point in its launch, and that turned out pretty good. 

  18. I can’t even watch porn on my pc without it stoppin to buff so how am I
    gonna handle the cloud if I got a xb1

  19. You know microsoft says a lot of stuff….

  20. ms gone retard again

  21. Microsoft claims all this stuff about the cloud but never say what is the
    Internet required/recommended speed to achieve this feature.

  22. X3 of the xbox one power! Thats bullshit so people can buy more systems. I
    will have to see it to believe it as knowing Microsoft it may be a very
    hyped thing that cant implement on it’s current system unless they upgrade
    the current xbox one with a second version. And the internet speed is
    another thing too. It took me 5 hours to download a game with the xbox one.

  23. W

  24. LMFAOOOOOOOO Microsoft and their BS claims is the funniest shit ever, if
    this was a actual thing, then Nintendo and Sony would be doing the same

  25. Now I understand why MS wanted to implement the DRM policy.

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