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  1. OUR next President GOD WILLING1

  2. Incredible story! What a man of faith!!

  3. Have just finished watching this adaptation of this brilliant
    physician—Dr. Ben Carson. I have to tell you, I wouldn’t mind seeing
    this man, his wife, his sons and his mom move into the White House. He may
    have been the first physician to separate siamese twins joined in the
    POWER!!! Which takes an extraordinary courage, and intellect and spiritual
    belief. I thank God for Dr. Carson and for his great skill. Finally, a
    man worthy to be called Mr. Dr. President.

  4. med student here, i am aiming for neuro surgeon, god first

  5. I discovered a new role model….Ben Carson’s mother! I am always inspired
    to be a better mother to my son after watching this video. This video is
    soooo inspiring and it challenges me and convicts me all at the same time!
    I must have watched this video about 5 times already and must say it is a
    “keeper” and I hope to continue watching it again and again and again to
    keep me motivated and challenged to do better! 

  6. A very inspiring story about a beautiful amazing man. :)

  7. yeah another nigger in whitehouse, that’s what we need

  8. A beautiful story…..and wonderful acting, and directing. Bravo!!

  9. i was in tears of joy . beautiful inspiring movie thank you…. I had a
    damaged skull surgery too back in 2007 am plastically and surgically
    enhanced after 6 head surgeries and 4 eye surgeries

  10. I saw this movie & read the book way before Dr. Carson’s political debut.
    This is an excellent movie. 

  11. Only thing I don’t like: Close-ups on the Binders insides. Everything else
    was good.

  12. i hope Ben dose something even more touching i love this movie and him for
    those that say God is not real forget u and bless u all who belive in him
    but most important i bless Ben God BLESS YOU

  13. Excellent Movie! Wouldn’t that be great if he was the President! God Bless

  14. omg that racist teacher 

  15. I will vote for the amazing Dr. Carson if he runs for the presidency. I
    hope he does. He is extremely inspiring :-)

  16. Gooding does well with inspirational movies…I’m happy I got to watch this

  17. The book is such a good read, don’t miss it.

  18. Anything I can do to help this man get elected President of the United
    States I will do, so help me God.

  19. What a lovely movie and most importantly what an amazing person it restored
    my faith in humanity. Thanks for sharing. 

  20. Inspirational mother all the good she DONE with hewr family Blessings

  21. Everyone posting here Keep dreaming, because that’s the only way you are
    going to see this guy become president, only in your dreams.

  22. I think that black or white can do amazing things no matter what take that
    rasist teacher

  23. sobbing right now I bet you he can perform many miracles he came to my
    school what a miracle wink wink told ya me like

  24. Thank the lord God blessed Ben Carson 

  25. Ben Carson for president 

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