Minions 2015 Official Trailer + Trailer Review : Beyond The Trailer

Minions 2015 Official Trailer + Trailer Review : Beyond The Trailer

Minions debuts its official trailer for 2015! Watch it today with a trailer review! Minions debuts its official trailer for 2015 and you can see it here today plus…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. “From Illumination”
    Minions need a master

    Whos dumb?

    This is a message!

  2. I think it’s Geoffrey Rush

  3. the first half of this trailer is making fun of religious people and i love

  4. Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud are the voices of the minions in all of the
    Here is the language translations. Some of the words are actual words from
    foreign languages like Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and Filipino. Yes it took
    a long time to type.

    Minion Language English Translation
    Bello! Hello!
    Poopaye! Goodbye!
    Tank yu! Thank you!
    Me want banana! I’m hungry!
    Bananonina! Ugly!
    Underwear I swear
    Bee Do Bee Do Bee Do! Fire!
    Tulaliloo ti amo! We love you!
    Tatata bala tu! I hate you!
    Baboi Toy
    Po ka What
    Bable Apple
    Gelato Ice cream
    Butt Butt
    Hana One
    Dul Two
    Sae Three
    Para tu For you
    Chasy Chair
    Kan pai Cheers!
    Pwede na Can we start?
    Luk at tu! Look at you!
    Muak Muak Muak Kiss kiss
    Bi do I’m sorry
    La Boda Marriage
    Buttom Bottom
    Stupa! Stupa! Stop! Stop!
    Sa la ka! How dare you!

  5. Let’s All Play, Name That Narrator! (Reply with answers)

  6. hell yea can’t wait for this. 

  7. Still not sure if a whole movie based around them is a good idea

  8. It’s Geoffrey Rush!!!! I had the same dilemma trying to work it out

  9. Minions 2015 Official Trailer + Trailer review
    Vanilla Ice ice baby.. Can’t wait

  10. Geez get a grip lady….after all, they’re just a bunch of yellow phallyic
    looking creatures with denim overalls

  11. Id rather have Despicable Me 3, the second one was kind of disappointing,
    this looks fine though 

  12. wow she is annoying

  13. This is a stupid channel 

  14. I had zero interest until I saw the trailer, it did it’s job. I love the
    banana theme through the trailer. : )

  15. Narrator = John Hurt?

  16. Ok, I just thought everyone should know, there is a MINIONS movie coming
    out. All about the minions! Like, share, and comment if you are as excited
    as I am!

  17. I love this trailer and it is awesome

  18. glad you arent in the movie…ahahahahahahaaaaa

  19. I loved this trailer I think the trailer was probably like what the first
    ten minutes will consist of but I don’t care I love it (I accidentally
    referenced the song) love your videos grace can’t wait to see your review
    for more trailers to come :D

  20. what happened to that girl in pink tshirt? looks like shes been punch in
    the eyes, its black

  21. I like minion a lot I have a poster a case of the minions the movies and a
    shirt shorts and shoes of the minions

  22. The narrator to the Minions preview clip is the great Australian actor,
    Geoffrey Rush!

  23. Movie, brilliant, that girl, an asshole.

  24. The Directors of the Despicable Me Films Chris Renaud and Pierre Coffin

  25. I think the narrator’s Jeffrey Rush :)

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