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Question by shortybutcuty: anyone know how i can get a free antivirus program with not being able to get on any microsoft programs?

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Answer by Jeremy
well obviously youre on the internet so just download one.?

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  1. It won’t work for me.

  2. sorry if i dont understand you…but i just want to know this: i have a
    small tv in my room, i want to play battlefield 3 in my living room tv is
    bigger.. so i can do it using this CLOUD feature? or how does it work? i
    dont get it? thanks!!

  3. Wtf y even bother if u can’t speak right

  4. could u use it as a hardrive to

  5. What Cloud means is that although there are more firewalls to make the
    system more secure, when (if) the system does get hacked it will take
    longer to find the entry point and there will be a larger victim base.
    (Hello SKYNET. haha)

  6. thank you for explaining

  7. @mrsheepshoter No! Sweeede!

  8. swede?

  9. What i clicked the button and it sent me to the video

  10. Huh? Please rephrase your question.

  11. yes advanced system care is free and so is iobit security and i use them both go to click on windows and then downloads and then search them and download i use both!!

  12. The best anti-virus is Kaspersky or Norton but they are not free. Kaspersky does offer a free online scan but it doesn’t remove what it finds. Second best free are Avast and AVG and others. The Microsoft firewall that comes free with XP and Vista is quite good but unfortunately provides no visibility. If you need visibility, try the free Zone Alarm. Zone Alarm is very good but it is difficult for me to say it is the best. The best firewalls are not free. You have phishing filters in Firefox 3 and IE 7 and IE 8 (Smart Screen Filter) and AVG. It’s strictly a question of how often the phishing filter database gets updated with accurate information. It’s tough to say which is best.

  13. Here’s trusted, free anti-virus programs (only use 1 at a time):
    ♠ avast! Free Antivirus
    ♠ Avira AntiVir
    ♠ Panda Cloud AntiVirus
    ♠ Microsoft Security Essentials
    ♠ AVG AntiVirus
    Any of these will serve you well

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