Microsoft Surface 2 Thorough Review

Microsoft Surface 2 Thorough Review

Microsoft’s Surface 2 brought a huge bump in performance and value. The first Surface wasn’t bad, but the Surface 2 takes it to a whole different level. Micr…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Can you add programs to the desktop or no?

  2. can you print documents and other things wirelessly? and is the music store
    similar to iTunes? 

  3. And can you play gta5 on this

  4. I wanted to purchase this for school. I’m in college and I have to be able
    to save word documents and import them from my school website. Will this
    allow me to do that?

  5. Does it play minecraft pe or pc

  6. You also forgot to say that this is one of the very few TABLETS that have a
    full blown Flash-Based Internet browser! Sadly it is only internet
    explorer, but it still is great for a tablet none the less. Otherwise,
    great review and very helpful! 

  7. how is the speaker performs?, also Chrome browser available?, thanks!

  8. Can iTunes be installed onto this tablet? Thanks :)

  9. Do you think I should get this or the Surface Pro 3

  10. 5:30 micro sd ram… Derp

  11. Can I run Sony Vegas on this

  12. CAn you install photoshop and other heavy applications on this ?

  13. cool thanks :)

  14. A great and honest review coming from an apple user? Wow! You just blew my
    mind! I love the surface and I am really not used to apple so I was waiting
    for a Windows tablet as I am a Windows user. I needed an unbiased review
    and you just made my day! Thanks! I am going to get this little toy… :)

  15. Just Buy a Bluetooth keyborad and not pay $135

  16. Nice video. Just subscribed. Ian thinking of getting this as a kinda mini
    laptop. I have a main computer(mac pro). So this would be a tablet/labtop
    for me and my family. I like the mac air but think that this is a better
    value. What do you think.

  17. Hello, it can be install for photoshop?

  18. Great video! Looking forward to the next version of this

  19. Whats exe

  20. What about iTunes is that available to the newer tablets?

    Speaking of the iPad’s in terms using them in education they were really
    poor as they don’t have an office package that is on par with open office
    let alone MS office. Even when considering using the Ipad to browse the
    internet and use iTunes there is no practical reason to choose an iPad over
    any cheaper tablet in the market.I don’t get the impression iPads are
    designed for education or business users; if I’m wrong then someone please
    let me know.

    Consequently seeing the Surface 2 tablet running windows 8 and MS office is
    a big thing for those that are students or in business, and general
    computer users; these tablets also have good graphics and can connect to
    other displays and devices which actually mean tablets are competing with
    notebooks and may see user opting for a tablet like the Surface 2/3 instead
    of a laptop unless more powerful hardware is required. I know I want one!

    But I am still trying to figure out how the CPU in tablets are being
    compared (as they are not the same as those in pcs or laptops) with one
    another as the NVidia integral 3 & 4 may actually be a better choice than
    an i5 versions on offer.

  21. Would you recommend this to me? I need this for mostly school. My homework
    is on the internet and I can’t do it on my iPad and I occasionally have to
    create word projects for school.

  22. nice!

  23. I love chrome though :-(

  24. Awesome job man

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