Microsoft OneNote for Mac Demo #ComputerClan

Microsoft OneNote for Mac Demo  <a href='' />#ComputerClan</a>

It is time for a new Microsoft app to join the Mac platform. In this demo, you’ll learn a lot of the features of OneNote in under 12 minutes! Microsoft OneNo…
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  1. A fatal flaw! I’m writing a sci-fi book and have about 150 pages of
    backstory and history and character notes and special items notes. Imagine
    if I wanted to change a character’s name! I can’t seem to find “Search and
    Replace” in OneNote or Evernote, and I’m desperately seeking some kind of
    wiki that *does* have Search & Replace and yet syncs between my iPhone and
    iMac. (Even if only when manually plugged in to charge: ‘cloud’ not
    essential). Any ideas?

  2. Great introductory tutorial. I’m disappointed, though, that one note for
    MAC doesn’t have some of the features of other versions I have used such as
    the ability to voice record. Your video was well paced and clear. Thank

  3. It’s always funny to see that Microsoft Apps looks so much better on OS X.
    Even the OneNote Icon. And on Windows? Well.. you get the idea. 

  4. Hello, is there any way to draw and write by hand?? Can’t seem to find it,
    it was my savior feature… can’t believe it’s not there… D :

  5. I lov onenote. I run it on my surface pro 3 and samsung note 3. Hey: I
    notice on ur apple that you can draw or handwrite. Does the mac app not
    hav the hand write feature? thx! i lov surface pro 3. I might get a second
    one! thx. Or shold I buy the macbook pro? thx!

  6. how do you change the language?

  7. where is option to align page pane?? pls make useful howto video.

  8. beautiful review 😀 Thank you, I LOVE ONE NOTE :)

  9. is there an option to draw with the trackpad on the page? 

  10. Does anybody know how to add a lines in Onenote for Mac? I can’t find it.

  11. Let’s say you enter a due date in OneNote, can you add that to your
    calendar from OneNote?

  12. The windows version looks like there’s a lot more features there than the
    Mac version.. looks like there’s no draw and insert audio feature here to
    name a few

  13. Nice video!!! Im a college student and i have been using onenote for a
    while. I have one question tho, when you finish the note for the day, the
    next day do you create a new section or you just keep writing below the
    previous one? 

  14. Hey, nice video :) Do you know how to add an arrow like you can do in

  15. Do you know how to add screenshots? I can’t find this option..

  16. When you open OneNote and you see the sign in window to your Microsoft
    account to sync, could you use another email account than Microsoft (e.g.

  17. Hey, great intro! You mentioned that you could always change the date at a
    later time, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do that. I’m
    attempting to transfer some of my older notes so that I have everything in
    one place, and I would very much like the date to correspond to the actual
    date that I had the class. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  18. Hi! Tried to figure out the following via online help and one note help.
    Just haven’t figured it out…

    1) I can’t figure out how to access templates
    2) The “lock/password” option is not accessible

    thoughts? Thank you much! 

  19. Great professional video! I had a question though. How do you change the
    name of a Notebook? I know how to do it on the windows version, but it
    doesn’t seem to have the same features on the mac version of the
    program–unless of course I’m missing it somehow. thanks.

  20. How have you changed the appearance of OS X?

  21. is their a way to save a file to a flash drive

  22. Does audio recording works on OneNote for Mac?

  23. what do you think is better OneNote or EverNote ? cause I’ve heard great
    things about both but haven’t heard them compared before.

  24. Can you print with this?

  25. can you highlight things from a pdf that’s inserted to one note?

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