Microsoft Office 365 Complete Review (Office 2013 Enterprise) (DL)

Microsoft Office 365 Complete Review (Office 2013 Enterprise) (DL)

A full review of Microsoft Office 365 that will be included in many versions of Windows 8. The full release will be coming out this fall alongside Windows 8….
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  2. I know that this is somewhat dated now . . . a a BIG CHANGE in Office 2013
    related to the Advanced Printer Settings. Not a big deal for most, but a
    very bad turn of events for some as it rendered the program suite useless
    for our commercial printer to use. GONE was the setting that allowed the
    A4 pages of our Publisher document to be formed into the necessary A3
    leaves required for the printing into book form operation. Microsoft just
    seems to randomly delete functions when they bring out new versions of the
    programs. Do they perhaps have some maximum number of functions that they
    can include?? Long term users of Word may recall the “Auto Summarize”
    function that firstly got ‘hidden’ then, in the next version, was deleted
    entirely. Keep going that way and we will be forced to go to Adobe, which
    will be more affordable now with their subscription versions!

  3. The Office 2013 interface is a much uglier flat interface than Office 2010.
    Office 2010 is more beautiful. The only new features that were added to
    Office 2013 are the opening screen and cloud features not in office 2010.

  4. Why does my .doc documents in Office get stuck and I can’t change their
    name or delete them? It’s so annoying, because it makes it impossible for
    me to organize myself!

  5. where do I download this offices (all) ?

  6. Good review

  7. Lync is a phone communication function. It allows you to dial, talk and
    share your screen for presentations through your computer. I use it
    everyday at work it was offered with Office 2010.

  8. I prefer the offline version over the online version.

  9. Didn’t you notice there are less template on PowerPoint 2013?? Perhaps this
    is only preview version. I would be surprise if there only that much to
    choose from for full version.

  10. there probably will be more, hopefully…

  11. First of all: Nice Review! Just a comment: Microsoft Lync is not a
    replacement for Windows Live Messenger, but rather a replacement for
    Microsoft Office Communicator (that looked like crap) and it is available
    since 2011. I haven`t seen the whole video, but you weren`t able to use it
    because it does require Microsoft Lync Server on the background. It is
    supposed to be used in a corporate environment. :)

  12. Nice review. Is it true that only the final version of Office will work on
    Windows 8?

  13. Nvm nice review and still the only one that shows most of the stuff that
    normal user uses.

  14. lync is Microsoft version of Skype, or SameTime from Lotus that will allow
    you to have a communcation bebween one or more users. for this to work, you
    will need a Lync Server running somewhere on the Corp network.

  15. So it’s a complete review of the Preview version. So why not just type that
    in the Title and save our time.

  16. Lync I think was made in office 2010

  17. so it is exactly the same just different.

  18. YES YOU ARE RIGHT : 365

  19. Do you know how much this is going to be?

  20. That makes a lot of sense. I didnt know that! Thanks for watching bruh.

  21. It wont work on Windows XP or Vista, however it will work on Windows 7 and
    8. Thanks for watching!!

  22. Microsoft Office 2013 Feel free to read and download. DOWNLOAD FREE:
    mwfiles.n et/oeMe66 (remove space in link) Movie showing:

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