Killer Clown Scare Prank!

Killer Clown Scare Prank!

What would you do if a psycho clown kill someone right in front of you? Click Here To Subscribe! Dmpranks shop:…
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  1. This Sunday……….. Clown 2!

  2. So from all of these clown prank videos I can confirm that Americans are
    over sensitive sociopaths in the making. Every comment and I mean EVERY
    comment from an American is about don’t try this in the hood or in America
    we would shoot you. While I don’t agree with the prank because some people
    are health sensitive and some people hate being scared ( I myself do not
    like clowns period in any form ) but saying you would shoot someone?

    This shows how savage the American society is and the paranoia it breeds,
    even if I had a gun in that situation I would tell them to stand down and
    or shoot it away from them as a warning, especially since they see the
    clown way before it gets to close. And before anyone says “You don’t know
    how scared you would be so you may shoot the clown”, if I am that type
    person, then I definitely do not need to carry a gun; those that carry
    weapons should not be paranoid or scared easily. I know that sounds like a
    very specific requirement in order to carry one but if you are easily
    spooked and paranoid then you could potential shoot a person who is
    following you to ask you for directions. This is a very savage society and
    people need to get better before our country falls and there are nothing
    but rocks and monuments left. 

  3. i can tell this is Europe, try that in Amurrica and see what happens.

  4. EXPDR psychose !!

  5. Die gehören alle erschossen oder eingesperrt…sowas ist doch nicht mehr
    lustig !

  6. Wow… XD
    I feel bad for those people…

  7. This is horrible

  8. Not sure how I would react in this situation…

  9. these people have a twisted sense of humor…. I love it!

  10. Try this on Cybertron, and you will get mauled by a Transformer-Rex

  11. Welcome to Russia to play this joke with russian airborne troops soliders.
    This will be the best (and the last!) joke of this clown.

  12. I dont like this Video – and ist NOT funny its —– horrible !!!!
    You arent a good People !!!!

  13. I hope you can come to Hong Kong play this , I thing it will very funny

  14. Aload of people i showed this too and alot of other people that watched
    this wondered how people could be scared of these pranks , in my oppinion
    if u seen a clown hitting a person to death , it would not be how scarey
    the clown look, its the way u wouldnt suspect its a prank ur soo scared,
    Really u wouldnt care about its appearence or laugh , you would think its a
    messed up person (physco) hiding behind a costume.Soo it would be scarey at
    the time , not the costume, what hes doing would be the scarey part.

  15. Ich glaube ich währe so schnell gerannt,wie noch niemals zuvor und hätte
    geschrien das ich 3 tage nicht mehr reden könnte.

  16. OMG! Do you realize if you keep doing that and accidentally prank a kid
    like that, you could scar them for life! What’s more important? Getting a
    bunch of subscribers of people you don’t even know, or letting people live
    a happy life? You only get one chance and even if you don’t prank kids, you
    could hurt adults, and kids could just watch this and be scarred for life!
    It’s your choice!! :( 

  17. ihr seit scheiße!Sowas macht man nicht!Aber ihr versteht mich ja eh nicht

  18. Why so seriouS ?

  19. Even if this is a prank … There’s nothing funny about it. Its everything
    creepy and horrific. What would they do, if they scared someone with a
    heart problem and cost the person their life because of their pranks? 

  20. People stop over reacting. This kind of prank is done over and over every
    halloween. If u sensitive people cant take this kind of joke then u cant
    take any joke. On other pranks people get scared and feel like thier in
    fear of their life for only 5 seconds then they are told its a prank. If u
    cant watch this video then u cant watch gorilla, t rex, snake pranks.
    Sissies in this hitch .

  21. Killer Clown Scare Prank!: +Sara McClenning

  22. Lmao the guy at the gas station is so stupid like don’t you see he’s going
    to set your freaking car on fire he literally stared at him for like a
    minute lmao

  23. alter das ist so gruselig

  24. fap lvl 69 out of 100

  25. what country is this?

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