Jason Derulo – Ridin’ Solo (Official Video in HD)

Jason Derulo - Ridin' Solo  (Official Video in HD)

Jason Derulo’s new Album ‘Talk Dirty’ is now available In Stores & on iTunes! smarturl.it/TalkDirtyAlbum The album features the smash hit singles “Tru…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Like if your watching this in 2016

  2. 1930’s-1940’s barbershop music
    1950’s classic rock n roll elvis “sherry baby”
    1960’s the beatles and rolling stones classic rock
    1970’s queen pink floyd rock n roll
    1980’s hard rock guns n roses
    1990’s hip hop/rap eminem dr. dre snoop dog kurt cobain tupac
    2000’s pop britney spears nickelback
    2010’s this song
    2013-2015 sex and asscheeks
    what the fuck went wrong?

  3. Who else spent the whole summer playing MW2 while listening to this and
    Solo Iyaz?

  4. I’m feelin like a star
    you can’t stop my shine
    I’m lovin cloud city
    my head’s in the sky
    I’m solo, I’m Han Solo,
    I’m Han Solo.
    I’m Han Solo. Solo.

  5. This song brings back memories

  6. Jason Derulo looks like a mushroom ._.

  7. How come Jason Derulo doesn’t make songs like this anymore? Now all he
    sings about is butts and women

  8. I’m han solo I’m han solo I’m…


  9. How is this already 4/5 years old like god, where did the time go

  10. Well I guess I’m solo because I broke up with my lying bitch girlfriend and
    I feel good because I’m solo

  11. I liked this song out of his other 2014 songs. The others were… Strange
    and disturbing. This one was… Cute I guess. His voice is at least
    natural. And he lyrics are encouraging, I enjoyed it.

  12. Valentines song anyone?, no, just me.

  13. Happy valentines day to all you single folk. 

  14. “Im riding poro, Im riding poro, Im riding poro…” sp4zie <3

  15. My friends name is Carlos, I call him Carlos 

  16. Like if your watching this in 2010

  17. Where did THIS Jason Derulo go? Now all he wants to do is Wiggle. Oy

  18. He is ridning so low you could call him Han. For everyone that got that
    thats good

  19. I liked the old Jason Derulo.
    One, he didn’t’ talk about butts and stuff like that.
    Two, in 2009-2011 he talked about breakups and that he would do anything
    for his girl which was normal.
    Now its Butts > Breakups


  20. The amount of auto tune is strong in this one.

  21. Is this a remake of the song bitter sweet symphony? It’s been racking my
    brain for a while

  22. “I’m never talking to you again”
    See ya in 4 months, sunshine.

  23. I am living like a star you can’t stop shining ROFL


  25. Im Poro im ridin’ poro, im ridin’ poro, im ridin’ poro

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