Jack Frost Full Movie Horror Fantasy Film 1997

Jack Frost Full Movie Horror Fantasy Film 1997

A serial killer dies, comes back as a snowman, and wreacks havoc.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. 58:45 Welp! That’s all folks. LOL

  2. Where’s Michael Keaton?

  3. In Human Form or Snowman Form, Jack Frost reminds me of Trevor Phillips out
    of GTA 5, plus he is twice of five times as mad and/or worse, only Trevor
    is a good guy and not a Snowman or homicidal maniac as well as a villain,
    oh no, wait, that’s not quite 100% right or even true is it?

  4. Seems like Shannon Elizabeth got raped by a snowman 

  5. You have got to be kidding me. This doesn’t even deserve to be called

  6. I remember being in a video store and I saw Jack Frost and Jack Frost 2
    right by each other. The thing that was funny, though, is the Jack Frost 1
    that I saw was the kids movie starring Michael Keaton whereas the Jack
    Frost 2 was the horror movie franchise. Not knowing that these were
    separate franchises, I looked at both from front to back and I was like
    “Gee, they sure did change their direction in the sequel.” LOL

  7. Can you do jack the giant slayer next?

  8. well… i was not searching for THAT Jack Frost….
    dafaq did I just watch

  9. How Is This Not Copyrighted? U Know… Cause It’s A Movie.

  10. This movie is very odd!!!

  11. Dafuq? It’s a snowman…just melt it…

  12. Jack Frost Full Movie Horror Fantasy Film 1997: http://youtu.be/mM-_eSWbI2A
    e de groaza? ???

  13. Dear Anna (From Fozen)
    This is why Elsa won’t build a fucking snowman.

  14. Intro was pissing me the fuck off

  15. Like if you watched the whole movie 

  16. the guy with the red hat was in one scene then coming out of the house
    where the protanganist encounters jackfrost xD in front of his kid (just
    walks out like “oh,hey dude…bye”

  17. LOL this is so stupid, its comical and fumy for a horror its more like a
    comical western style , like a bunch of people just mucking around and
    having fun in a xmas theme before they actually do some real acting … ;p

  18. Watching this gory Holiday Treat on December 19, 2014 Merry Christmas!

  19. That is super scary why are you telling the kids this they are to young

  20. 1:19:56 lol, he is saying jack doesnt have any balls and…. THAT’S TRUE!!!
    HAHAHA!!! XD

  21. When I watched “Jack Frost” I didn’t care about the Michael Keaton version
    This is my kinda Movie ” serial killa turn into snowman” while doused in
    chemicals whew!!!

  22. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  23. Ah shit I’m an accident

  24. “Waaa… I can see your house from up hereee!!!” – Jack Frost

  25. Is this dark comedy movie
    I can’t tell 

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