Is Cloud Storage the best location for your iPhone photos?

Is Cloud Storage the best location for your iPhone photos?

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  1. Cloud Storage For The Win! Basically because it’s already FREE for users
    like me. I tend to choose and take time to Delete pictures/videos that are,
    finally, useless. It adds value to the videos (and pictures) that are left.
    Also, as the years pass, more and more storage will be available for Free.

  2. I understand your doubts. Regarding SSDs, I’ll siwtch to that technology
    when drives will get bigger. At the moment, drives available to the
    mainstream are at most 250GB. I’d fill that pretty quickly.

  3. Guy, very interesting comparison. I am a bit wary of cloud storage and
    continue to use hard drives for primary and backup storage. The SSD
    solution looks interesting and I may consider switching to those
    devices…when the price comes down.

  4. Fotók / videók tárolása felhőben vagy SSD-n? Jó összehasonlítás főleg árak

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