iPad User Guide – iCloud & Photo Stream

iPad User Guide - iCloud & Photo Stream

The amount of people with iPads is growing more than anyone could have originally imagined. If you have been thinking of getting an iPad or just got an iPad …
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  1. What if I want to delete all my photos (for space reasons) but I don’t want
    them to disappear? 

  2. Ok…so came back from vacation after taking a couple hundred pics on my
    iphone. Without me doing anything, those photos on my Iphone camera roll
    transferred over to my IMac via photo stream (icloud) into an Event folder
    entitled “March 2014 Photo Stream.” Not knowing that, I did what I’m use
    to doing (prior to activating photo stream) and plugged my iPhone to my
    IMac to do the transfer. Turns out all the videos transferred, but not
    pics. Upon browsing my iPhoto, that’s when I discovered that the pics had
    already transferred over into that Event Photo Stream folder I mentioned
    above. My question is…are these photos good to delete now on my iPhone?
    And how do I merge those pics in photostream from my vacation with the
    Vacation Event folder I created when I imported the videos. Hope this
    makes sense. 

  3. how do i get photos off icloud

  4. How do you restore your back up 

  5. what if i share i cloud with my sister and i dont want her to see my stuff
    but i accidently had photo stream on.. how do i get rid of them on both

  6. I wont to get photos off ic
    How do I do it 

  7. Thanks Zollotech

  8. Yeah I have a hard time figuring out I Cloud

  9. not all my photos go saved in icloud.. i got a new phone and i used icloud
    and only 107 photos were on my new phone and no videos.. soo can you help
    me out on this one please?

  10. Never heard of that problem. There are no settings that I know of that
    would cause that. Make sure you are looking at the right place if you have
    photostream turned on. There will be multiple places for photos to go if
    you do.

  11. The video is simple and easy to understand on purpose. You would not
    believe how many requests I have had for this type of video. I definitely
    will do more advanced video soon, but this is for the new user.

  12. with icloud can you sync with a Windows 7 laptop?

  13. You forget to tell that the file charing between units only works when
    connected to a wifi network.

  14. no probs :)

  15. Next video teach me how to sleep

  16. Exactly what I need to introduce iCloud to some new users. Thanks for

  17. Yes he did

  18. Can I transfer my pictures to the cloud to clear space instead of deleting?

  19. ok thanks, i heard him the other day.

  20. Hey Aaron, did you used to work for ThatSnazzyiPhoneGuy?

  21. I really take exception to the clown, Koella69 who thinks this is
    embarrassingly elementary. I am one of the original computer nerds who
    built a multi-thousand dollar computer years before the advent of the PC. I
    had my own computer consulting co., etc., etc. I am eagerly awaiting my
    arrival of my first tablet (iPad 4) and I am trying to learn as much as
    possible so I be efficiently running out of the box. Your videos are great!
    Thanks for being here for us “elementary” folks! :)

  22. No, unfortunately you can’t do that at this time. You would need to plug
    your device into your computer and move over the photos to save space.

  23. So it basically backed up your data, it doesn’t take room out of your main

  24. I did buy more storage and dd not even know what to do with I Cloud lol!
    Now I know thanks.

  25. I like making movies on my iPhone/iPad but I want to be able to shoot
    VIDEOS and edit them and add movie fx on my iPad so I turn on iCloud but
    only pics got imported help me Plz

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