iPad Mini with Retina Display vs Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2

iPad Mini with Retina Display vs Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2

Today we look at e-reading on the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2 and the iPad Mini with Retina Display! We check out eBooks and newspapers and see what device ma…
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  1. I hear echoes. Is that good?

  2. Seriously how can you compare tablet with eink reader?

  3. i have note 3 do i still need this e reader ? also i have tablet 10 inch
    and i read around 5 hours per day and thank you very much for your clear

  4. this is a stupid comparison : orange vs apple

  5. Great review despite the bad audio quality. I for one was interested in the
    difference but given the eye strain I will go ahead and buy the PW2 as I’m
    a keen reader and would like to read more business type books. Thanks guys

  6. Huh? Of course iPad mini Retina is the best device from Apple ever! ^_^

  7. Thanks for posting this comparison which exactly what I needed as I am
    shopping around for an ereader and people tell me all the time “you can
    read with a tablet” but that is not the point, my objective is to get the
    reader causes less strain on my eyes; you answered my question, thanks!

  8. Good video but audio made it hard to watch 

  9. Thats what i was looking for. you can compare to find out which one fits
    best to your needs. this comparison is mainly for reading books .. Thanks
    for the info

  10. The Paperwhite doesn’t run two months if you read “all the time”, as
    promised in this video. The two-months-scheme expects half an hour per day
    reading (with dimmed light). So lets assume 60*.5h – means approx. 30 hours
    reading time per load. This is of course still a lot, but noone who
    seriously likes to read only gets at half an hour per day.
    3 hours on average is more likely, giving you a little bit less than one
    and a half weeks.
    Additionally, it takes 4h to load full per USB, and it doesn’t come with a
    charger for the power plug (you have to buy that seperately).
    For reading it is still the best device on the market; just providing a
    little bit more background information. 

  11. 2 months… of constant reading? We are going to get 1488 hours of reading
    out of the Paperwhite? Interesting, I don’t know a single mobile electronic
    device that has a 1488 hour battery life. And you call yourselves experts?
    People can’t learn real facts by listening to fan boys criticizing Apple
    when they don’t really know all the true facts. It is true they had some
    things correct, but if you are trying to give good facts, you cant give fan
    boy opinions critiquing the devices. I suggest for people shopping for
    these devices, go on the actual websites and get the real facts. Not from a
    youtube video.

  12. But you can do much more than read e-books on the iPad mini.

  13. Fix the audio and I’ll sub and recommend you guys.

  14. I enjoy reading and am going to be using either of these devices for
    school. I am a massive apple fan but am thinking is it worth having both
    the big and small ipad or should i get the Big Ipad and the Kindle. Bearing
    in mind that I can take pictures take notes and save sites or show etchers
    things that I have found on the ipad mini. So the device would be pretty
    much a school device or should I have maybe an older kindle and the Ipad
    mini please help or give me you’re opinion!

  15. These guys are morons. First, you can’t even compare these two because
    they are two completely different machines!!! One is an e-reader and that
    is all that piece of crap does, the other is a state of the art tablet.
    What planet do these retards live on?? Did they even notice on the mini
    you can also change the lighting, and etc on the mini so that it is easier
    on your eyes, but notice how they don’t even talk about that! Lol. Get a

  16. Oh my god, why people keep comparing e-readers with tablets / ipads…? You
    can as well compare trains with freezers.

  17. your guys audio is messed up

  18. the kindle looks more like a book

  19. I was hoping that you would have done a dark reading comparison, where you
    would have the lights off, with the iPad screen at it’s lowest brightness
    setting and inverted screen and compare it to the Paperwhite to see which
    would be more comfortable in the dark. Thanks

  20. iPad sure does make my eyes tired. Don’t forget though it can read
    everything to you using VoiceOver or enlarge the screen using Zoom. Blind
    people and visually impaired people can use it. I use both options but on
    the eink I can keep reading a long time as long as I crank up the font size
    to maximum.

  21. Is there a big difference between the Kindle Fire HDX and the iPad with
    retinal display for e-reading? 

  22. Thanks for that comparison. Now, I have no doubts. I’m getting the Kindle
    for reading ebooks. I prefer it over the Kobo Aura, because of the its
    screen being more white and the black beign more crisp. 

  23. I definitely agree with your comments about the advantages of a dedicated,
    e-ink ereader vs a tablet when it comes to extended reading. Even though I
    own an iPad Air and a Nexus 7, if I want to read a book, or something that
    is going to be extensive and take a considerable amount of time, I use my
    Kindle ereader. The battery life and the lack of eyestrain makes a huge

  24. I wish you would have mentioned the reading experience of both units while
    sitting on the patio per say in the sunlight. Trying to read in the
    sunlight with my mini iPad with retina display is brutal. Would the Kindle
    Paperwhite 2 have the same effect? BTW, you did a great job on this video!

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