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Instapaper is a free cloud service to help save Web articles and links for later reader. The companion apps for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch make for eas…
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Question by Stephanie: Replace my Kindle or buy a Kindle fire?
I bought my husband while he was deployed a Kindle 3G wireless + WiFi e-reader. He loved it, but, when he came home, the screen busted during the trip. I called Amazon and of course, the Kindle is out of it’s one year warranty. They offered to replace the Kindle for $ 85. I did research and noticed that the normal price of the identical Kindle was $ 135, I was happy to have learned how much money I could save. Until I noticed the latest and greatest Kindle Fire. Yes it IS more, but the color screen and the reviews attracted me to the item. Here is the dilemma; I planned on purchasing my husband an iPad 2 for Valentine’s day, is the Kindle Fire simmilar to the iPad 2? I would only use the Kindle for book/magazine reading. Anyone have the Kindle Fire and love it, or should I just stick with my replacement??

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Answer by Emilee
Oh gosh get the Kindle Fire!
It’s so easy to use, you buy books right on your kindle very easily, and I learned right where everything is very quickly without having to look at the directions.
It’s fabulous for reading outside and in the dark, my only complaint is it hurts you eyes a little when you read for a long time. Then I usually change the color settings from the bright white, to the tannish color and it usually helps.
It comes with sooo many features games, apps, magazines and newspaper, books (of course), music, internet,and much more! It even has a GPS! (A free app you can download right from your kindle).
It’s pretty much like the iPad 2 except smaller, and lighter. Easier to carry around. The only thing is it can’t take pictures like the iPad, but you can have a camera for that, right?
I would defiantly suggest the Kindle Fire.

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  1. I was wondering wether you know if the iOS 4 edition is out yet? When I downloaded it on my iPhone 3GS, I followed the steps that were given in order to allow you to make bookmarks in Safari, but I could not get it to work.

  2. Thanks so much for the review!

  3. Actually on the mobile Opera it may not since the pages are rendered on a server. No idea what that will do, but the desktop should be fine.

  4. Thanks a lot. :D

  5. It should work. I don’t know if Opera does bookmarklets, but either way you should be able to setup a bookmark and when you hit it, it saves it.

  6. Does this work with the Opera web browser for all devices? I like the feathered effect on it, nice blend! good review! 😀

  7. So Pro!

  8. Awsome Review

  9. Great video!

  10. i would go with the fire.i own one there are alot of advantages including what the first writer wrote. the biggest advantage is that everything is cheaper on the kindle, i personally wouldnt buy an apple product if they paid me, every thing is so expensive to buy to use for the ipad,especially itunes. one thing i love about the fire is the ability to read magazines and newspapers easily.i downloaded the Zinio application and i bought a magazine from it, like three days later, zinio send me aa coupon for 25 dollars credit to use at zinio. so i ended up paying like 27 bucks for three magazines(one of them a three year subscription). i am not sure if they do that all the time or it was a special promotion. so i would definitely get the me if you need more help.

  11. I just bought my kindle fire which is less than a month old and I would say it’s really worth it and i’m satisfied. Kindle fire is way cheaper than an ipad 2 but it has a smaller screen. Since it’s also running on Android, you could use it to download apps and play games on it as well other than reading.

    Well, if size is an issue for you, then you might want to consider sticking towards the iPad 2 but if it’s not, just go for it. If reading is what you are looking for, you might want to consier looking for some reference here at

  12. Kindle fire can not replace iPad completely. But when it comes to the price… yes it is way better than getting the iPad since you get all the features which include:

    – Above 15000 apps (recently checked the app store for kindle fire)
    – Over 100 thousand movies on amazon while others on netflix
    – tv shows of amazon plus hulu
    – Over 1 million titles
    – Color screen as you already know which is 7′ and 169 PPI and 1024*600 resolution
    – More than 1000’s children illustrated books

    But there are somethings that they did not feel necessary because they wanted the price to be this low.
    – Camera: I dont find a camera useful in a tablet anyway you can use mobile for that and if you are thinking of skype than it can be done on your laptop at home.
    – No microSD slot but you have 8Gb and the free amazon cloud to save up your files
    – No microphone so you cant use it for skype.

    From my bookmarks here you would be able to find a good review on the kindle fire vs iPad 2 that would help you out on this decision:

    And from my research here you would be able to find the price for the kindle fire:

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