Insightly CRM Review

Insightly CRM Review

Review of customer relation management system Insightly. It is my favorite CRM because it is easy to use and best of all it integrates with Google Apps cloud…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Hi Mo, I signed up for Insightly after watching your video. I particularly
    was impressed with the Gmail widget to action things off emails, however
    this doesn’t appear at the bottom of my emails. I signed up to Insightly
    with my personal Gmail address, however the help information keeps
    referring to the widget being available only to users signed up with
    “Google Apps Domains”, what does that mean? I don’t want another email
    address as my personal email is my business email that my contacts use,
    also is there a cost to using Google Apps, it looks like there is?

    How do you have access to the Gmail gadget, on the video it didn’t make any
    mention of restricted access to it

    Many thanks for your help Mo.

  2. OMG! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW EXCITED I AM that I found your video!
    This.IS.GREAT! ->Life Changing! Out of curiosity, what is your occupation?
    I just wanted to see much better I can relate! Hee*

  3. Say no more. Mo your three word quote said it all….”simplicity is power.”
    I am all in with Insightly. You are a VERY gifted trainer. So glad I found
    your video. It is exactly what I was looking for.

  4. hey Mo, how you create you coworkers in the application? In this video you
    have this info created. Can you help me. I used the free versión. And how
    you create the hierarchy?

  5. I’m impressed with the convenience of this CRM but their’s one more
    important thing I really care about. How’s the security and how google
    secures those confidential information which should be protected by the
    company. I would use office or take note by hand-writing rather than
    uploading all of the projects on google, that’s too dangerous. I always
    make some documents to manage each project.Regarding the reminder or event
    management, I used to write down the information on my notebook from the
    beginning of my career after graduating from the university, no matter
    which company I’m working at.

  6. Great video, and thank you for sharing. I just signed up as I was watching
    this video. I mean, it’s free, so why not…

  7. Good info.
    Thanks Mo.

  8. Fantastic video! So happy I stumbled across your review. I’ve just launched
    a new business so I’m going to implement Insightly right away.

    One question:
    Fibe, your virtual assistant, what company did you hire her through?….and
    are there any other virtual assistant companies you could recommend for
    someone like me with a very small startup budget? 

  9. Mo, we’re inclined to agree with you 100%. We tried them all and just
    yesterday we were saying back to insightly we go.

  10. Great video! Thank you for the rundown. Very helpful!

    One question: I noticed that you have 4 users on your free account. The
    website says that the free account only supports 3 users. Can you enlighten

  11. Hey, I was looking for a simple CRM that would integrate with Google Apps
    and it seems it’s just what I need. Thanks!

  12. Check out my review on Insightly one of the best CRM and PM systems out

  13. Was looking for your evernote video. Will look into it later.

    Is this a free screen capture video program you are using. If so please let
    me know at

    As a CBO we have to search out free and open source products.

    Thanks for posting the video on insightly.

    All the best,

    Robert Newton

    Volunteer Project Manager

    Thailand Teach / Volunteer Inn

    Bang Rachan J. Singburi Thailand 16130 

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