IGN News – Exploring Xbox One’s ‘Cloud Power’

IGN News - Exploring Xbox One's 'Cloud Power'

We’ve heard a lot about Xbox One’s cloud power, but if you’ve had a hard time visualizing precisely what it means for you as a user, Microsoft’s latest infog…
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  1. Sonypony dislikes this, just because those 300.000 thousand servers which
    deliver the best online experience runs with the name “xbox” and not
    Then they go on to argue about how this sucks, and nobody cares because
    another console named playstation has a GPU (graphics pixel unit) which is
    more powerful and has more sales. because you know, graphics and quantity
    over gameplay and quality, who gives a shit about a poor online experience?

    I don’t care about what you say, sony has 30.000 servers and many people
    complain over poor online performance, you would very much want 300.000
    thousand servers to play on.

    Most console players care about experience and not graphics. and since so
    many of you play online, why not actually like this? because they are
    pushing hard to deliver the best online experience.

    you could go to sony and ask for the same, but instead you are here hating
    on something good because of the brand name.

    If you actually supported this maybe sony would get more servers.
    but you are really just saying “this suck, we don’t want a good online
    experience, because we have better graphics” 

  2. They should also start a Playstation Now type service to play past
    generation games without downloading them.

  3. wow….so many ps fanboys dislike and xbox fan boys chill……I think I’ll
    enjoy taking my special titan fall xbox one controller to my friends and
    auto automaticlly sign in and resume my saves………
    .the future is the one…..heres why… xbox one supports 4k (the new HD)
    and updates every 2-8 months………..

  4. This what the cloud thing is all about 

  5. All you need to know about the Xbox One Clould

  6. Your point was that canada isn’t free idiot don’t try to change the subject
    because you just got told

  7. What Flashpoint Red River is the most realistic FPS you can buy and MAG is
    the biggest FPS mutiplay game you can buy. Ok thay both have the rough
    points but thay both beat Cod and Battlefield at there on game. Call Of
    Duty is just a arcade sci-fi fps and battlefield mite aswell only be a
    mutiplayer game which all its got is tanks planes and blowning shit up but
    due to the size of the maps theres no where near enough players in there
    making it boring alot of the time. Battlefield BC best to date

  8. Ok firstly? I do agree that PC is the superior hardware overall. Secondly?
    Shut up you stupid childish elitist. You give the rest of the PC gaming
    community a horrible look because you happen to act just as bad as the xbox
    community. Seriously grow up and get a life. Consoles are good for their
    exclusives and i honestly doubt you NEVER owned a console in your life
    before you went PC elite-tard. 100% guarantee you owned the PSX and PS2 and
    probably a nintendo system too at some point or another.

  9. Because microsoft are giving them servers…..

  10. no games at all are targeting 70fps not even PC’s! PC’s are targeting way
    above 70 and consoles are targeting 60fps. well. some. depends on the
    developer. Read the Digital Foundry Article. 30fps is the target on all Ps4
    titles and in 1080p textures look blurry. considering we’re on IGN’s
    Youtube Channel read this thread that no one supporting Ps4 hardcore will
    do… i am honestly looking for those games and cant find it. i type the
    same with Xbox One. i find alot of articles… Titanfall is One.

  11. “Bullshit” – Respawn Entertainment

  12. Well considering it was the dev’s that said my statement, you’re pretty

  13. LOL yes someone is mad and his name is “TheClassiciPod” not only can you
    not back up your own elitist attitude but you are also an apple fanboy. No
    wonder you fail so hard with your comebacks and attempt to troll lmao.

  14. Dumbass fanboy rage below me.

  15. Yeah an amazing price of $4.99 -__- be realistic due they didnt give an
    exact price because they are going to make it that. Truth is they still
    have to pay which is what I was correcting the guy on. How about you stop
    fan-boying the PS4. Playstation have nothing to bitch about anymore so now
    they get on YouTube videos about the Xbox One and talk shit. Do yourself
    and everyone else a favor and go kill yourself. Thanks.

  16. lol cheap isn’t analogous to consuming less power. most often cheap means
    consuming more power. Look at the ps4 it consumes far less power than ps3
    do you think it’s cheaper tech?

  17. Even though you were the one that was getting mad by spewing out a whole
    lot of information, wow you really are fucking retarded let alone a bigot
    as well.

  18. uh. you do know movies dont run at 70 fps or 60 fps they run at 30 fps or
    20 fps. this is coming from an animator. the consoles can handle 60 fps.
    but you will see more titles in the launch window for xbox one running
    60fps than ps4. also xbox will be able to use 4k resolution for games and
    movies if the dev/users wish for that while the Ps4 will only do 1080p for
    games but will allow 4k for movies.

  19. Only for certain games, not all. Xbox one has dedicated servers for all
    there games, ALL!!!!!

  20. Someone is mad.

  21. Lol you said the xbox one blew up but if you were to read the digital
    foundry article and listen to people who were there. they would tell you X1
    hardware was operating on the floor. there is no pulling stuff out of my
    ass i only mention the games i knew for a fact was running on hardware
    while sharpshot908 pointed out that DeadRising 3 was not. which wasn’t on
    my list but he was right. it was on a PC. also i was talking tech still so
    if you want to talk about GDDR5 architecture then inform us.

  22. Have you overclocked your PC before? Hell have you even made a custom build
    before cause you sound like you literally just found out that a PC doesnt
    run on fairy dust yesterday. The Xbox One is not even close to as
    Overclocked the Ps4 is running. Overclocking creates more heat. go on a
    tech channel for fucks sakes kid.

  23. More free then usa

  24. LOL them being overclocked to the same degree doesn’t matter. It’s the fact
    that the xb1’s hardware is inferior by comparison to the ps4’s. Imagine if
    you will the CPU of the PSX being overclocked to be on par with the PS2’s
    but then the PS2’s gets overclocked and a new version of the system gets
    released. Sure the PS2’s got overclocked for WHATEVER reason but the fact
    remains that the PSX’s chipset is inferior to the PS2’s the problems lie
    with pushing inferior hardware to be on par with others

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