Hungry For Change Trailer!

Hungry For Change Trailer!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. I hate fat.
    I hate myslef, for being fat.

  2. Excellent info!

  3. The most compelling thing I’ve heard was the statement that we no longer
    eat food, but instead are eating products that are made to look like food.
    GMOs, chemicals, sugar…better living through chemistry. We’re overfed
    and undernourished…and hungry all the time. It’s time for a change.
    Watch the movie and share it with your friends and family.

  4. We all could benefit from watching this Video! CB. also

  5. My friend, Gail says, “FREE online screening available now thru March 31
    ONLY. This is the most powerful food documentary I’ve yet seen, and I think
    I’ve seen them all. Truly a must-see film.”

    Free Worldwide Online Screening
    Event! »

    Watch the full length film PLUS extended take action videos, free recipes,
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  6. Please take the time to view this documentary.

  7. TA DA???????? 3 MIN. HERE???

  8. many of these things are obvious, and I must people know about poor diet
    and what it leads to. I believe there are underlying issue involved such as
    being insecure, and/or mental and physical illnesses that leads to poor
    diet. also some people just dont care about there bodies as much as others.
    All that being said, I dont think its fair to compare any opiate addiction
    with a poor diet.

  9. I’m so glad we are doing all organic, real foods instead of what is quick
    and unhealthy. What a difference it makes in ways I could not fathom!!!! I
    don’t eat out very much any more. I don’t know what they put in their foods
    or where they get them from. Done with GMO, Monsanto, government and
    anything they dub good for you. They are nothing but liars. What they do
    show is how expendable HUMANS are in their world.

  10. Hi Sue, you can share our Hungry For Change website to your friends and
    community to invite them to secure their spot for the event. Thank you so
    much for helping us share this beautiful health message :) ~ Raziel @
    Hungry For Change

  11. Changed my life. Everyone should watch this documentary. It is amazing!! <3

  12. Thank you for sharing such positive revelations to all the world! Will post
    it everywhere I can!

  13. really hope they make sure to tell the difference between fruit sugar and
    refined. one is healthy the other gives you cancer/diabetes

  14. I could honestly say, this documentary changed my life. i went from being
    addicted to fast food 3-4x a DAY 6 days a week! I had horrible tendon pain
    in my feet, & was on prescription pills because of it. I did not wake up

  15. Step one. Add plant fibre, root fruits and vegetables are a nice option. I
    changed the pasta to full grain pasta (you REALLY can’t taste the
    difference) and started to add 50% graded carrot, beetroot and parsnip
    (roughly equal amounts) What happened? Minced meat portions previously
    lasting two days, now last 3 to 4, essentially cutting my meat intake in
    half. And most importantly of all, I’m no longer yearning for something
    sweet before bedtime.

  16. Now, I’m wondering, what do you eat? If you’ve always eaten healthy, or if
    you’ve never tried to change from what is the standard american diet, then
    you don’t really know how hard it is for some people to change these eating
    habits, when they’ve been doing it their whole lives. It really is an
    addictive behavior, you just can’t see it like that because it has become
    so normal in our culture.

  17. Just the trailer for the movie is inspirational and life-changing. Very


  19. HOW/where CAN we see the video.?

  20. Simpsons didi it!!!

  21. tsk tsk no one illegally downloads you know that ^◡^

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