HP Stream 14 Laptop Review – A sub $300 14 inch notebook computer with Beats Audio

HP Stream 14 Laptop Review - A sub 0 14 inch notebook computer with Beats Audio

Buy it on Amazon – lon.tv/evrnr (affiliate link) VIDEO INDEX: Buy this reviewed item at my store for a discount! lon.tv/48s3w 0:09 – Hardware o…
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  1. I bought this notebook from the link in the description in amazon.
    Basically all he said is true, My web browsing though is not really bad at
    all, the keyboard is nice. In my personal opinion, this laptop is not
    really good enough for gaming. i downloaded dota 2 and it took almost all
    the space in my disk. and it was slowing down other performances. the
    gameplay for dota 2 had some lags but it was playable. overall its a nice
    laptop, it just has some of its limits.

  2. H: “Honey, we need another windows laptop!”
    W: “Why, don’t you already have like 5 of them?”
    H: “Yes, but this one is fanless so that’s a first.”
    W: “Hmm… OK… I guess”

    Joking aside, I don’t remember any other windows laptop being fanless. I
    hope HP is telling the truth an this is not as fanless as the chromebox –
    the Lenovo G50-30 is really silent but it still has a fan. I’m not so sure
    about the storage, maybe 60/64 GB would be a bit better.

  3. My mum has a HP but a really old one. ( i have to use it as my was broken
    when we moved house) and mums laptop always over heats and she complains
    that i should buy my laptop. So i saved up since august and got around
    £250. I was going to buy a macbook air but the thing is mum keeps complaing
    so i decided if i should buy one of these. I saw they have no fan but does
    it over heat? 

  4. If you happen to see this, Microsoft is selling it for 220 right now.

  5. From a IT-admin perspective:
    1. No fan = 1 more thing not to repair/clean
    2. AMD power. The graphic power of and AMD APU(CPU) is MUCH better than
    Intel. Perfect HP. Thx.
    3. AMD APU is 1 chip, where Intel is cpu and then an semi integrated
    graphic solution. Again PERFECT.
    4. Windows over Chrome OS. Yes thx. let me be versatile. Let me install
    LEGO software, other browsers when Chrome fails (happens).
    5. 32gb SSD is perfect for schools. Most is browser based anyway.
    6. HP and MS nailed it here….. Any IT-admin with a sence of knowledge
    will buy this over any Chromebook.
    7. I can install print drives and actually print what i want. Chrome OS
    cant do.
    8. Single sign on systems is for now something that is not working well on
    Chromebooks. This is a Chrome problem, because they want you to stay
    connected which is not wanted everywhere.
    9. Browsers will in the future work towards better use of the APU system.
    This means that the review here is valid, but not as bad as presented.

    Negative: Why not a mat screen? I hate glossy, its impossible to work

  6. The HP Stream PC is another new low cost Windows PC that cost less than
    $300. Great gaming performance!

  7. My mom uses it for the school ( she is a teacher ), internet and nothing
    more, should I give this model to my mother for chrismas with an external
    hard drive?

  8. I assume we can wipe it and put Linux on? Just curious as would be a nice
    size for a pen testing machine.

  9. Is this good for minecraft? Sorry cause I’m going threw all of your laptop
    vids for minecraft cause I really need one that’s fast and stuff and I can
    download optifine to make it go faster 

  10. This could be used as a Skype machine for live broadcasts.

  11. bought one today at a Microsoft store. Went in there, wanting something a
    little bigger, but was pissed off at the prices on several laptops, that
    really didnt warrant their price points. Decided to stick with the HP
    Elitebook/8440p at home…and will just take it to get the hardware
    freshened up. Will probably get Windows 7 Pro, re-installed. But in the
    meantime, I was immediately impressed with the Stream…light…easy to
    use…and extremely convenient. Got it for a total of 250.00 with the
    warranty. Has tablet-like DNA, and a monkey could use it. PERFECT for a
    student of some kind, that isnt tech-savvy

  12. Ok i have $200 to get the Hp stream 11 but should i save to get this one

  13. If i may ask what is the Frame Rate For Minecraft? I maybe considering to
    buy this for my Brother… Thanks For The Great Review!

  14. hi
    do u think there is a much difference regarding the screen size,
    portability and the performance regarding the 14 and 13.3 hp stream? IS
    the 14 inche (which I prefer) is worth the price difference?
    thanks for ur help

  15. The web browsing is fine it seems. It scored 8% higher than Intel’s Z3770,
    which is also a low-end part and works great. Of course, it’s no match for
    the Haswell Celerons.

    It’s too bad about that crappy touchpad and the mediocre speakers. Those
    really kill it for me.

  16. What are the speeds on the eMMC flash memory on the Stream 14 and 11? I saw
    you do a test on the 7. I wonder if they all use the same 32GB NAND part? 

  17. This is completly different to all the comments. do you think this laptop
    would run flstudio11? would mainly use it just for making music. please
    reply anyone. worried it will lag to much 

  18. Hi Lon, (im french so im sorry for the mistakes), I am a student and i
    would like to buy this PC to write my lessons but also use it at home with
    some videos, youtube etc and maybe some games (not recent), so im wondering
    if this PC is a good alternative or maybe this one :
    Can you give me your point of view ? Which one will be more performant ?

  19. Do you think it could handle a Wacom tablet and a simple Paint Tool Sai art

  20. 3:40 OneDrive :)

  21. How good is it on the web/YouTube? 

  22. lol why the hell are so many people talking about gaming with these? good
    luck with that…inless you guys are talking about like browser games or
    something….they are tablets with keyboards basically…email, work, web
    browsing ext.

  23. I don’t play games online or otherwise and too often use my laptop for
    social networks, school work and watching YouTube videos. Would this be a
    good laptop for me? I’m jot techy so I was hoping you’d give me some
    advice. Also if I were to buy a DVD drive for HP Stream 14 and download a
    player, would I be able to watch DVDs? I already have a chromebook but it
    doesn’t allow me to download things outside Google webstore or unless it’s
    a jpg, PNG, gif, and I can’t watch movies on it unless watched online, so
    I’d like something different.

  24. Hey do you know if this is is a decent laptop for video editing? By that i
    mean just come gopro videos or does it have any editing software? thanks

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